One Jacked Up High School Tale

One Jacked Up High School Tale

(30-60m)   by nevaeh_michelle

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Cast Laila Parker Reese King

Lance Greer Ms. Taryn Reed

Tyranneisha Ford Mr. Kenyon Conway

Tyrannosaurus Ford Ms. Gina Weatherly

Sheena Woods Ms. Ada Snow

Allison Gordon Mr. Joshua Sanders

Lauren Field Ms. Rose Lewis

Avery Brown

Audra Woods

Zeek Jarrell

Sandra Young

Edward Neal

Plot- A drama play about the absolute worst, out of control high school with students who have multiple issues as well as the teachers(Scene opens with Ms. Weatherly on stage)Act One Scene OneGina- Hi, I?m Gina Weatherly. I was the guidance counselor at Pennyville High School. Iwas there to help the students have a better life but in a weird way I believe they helpedme. I mean these kids had no one to look up to. They were all headed down the wrongpath. One of them once told me I can?t help all of them and they were right. The ones Idid help though, I?m proud to say I was apart of their journey that changed their life.Believe it or not all of our lives changed. Everyone asked me why do I care about thesekids? They had records, low-test scores, bad grades, bad reputation, and troubling pasts.Well, if they only knew those kids? stories they would know why I wanted to help them.So, here?s the one jacked up high school tale(Scene changes in Ms. Weatherly?s office)Gina- Reese, I think that it would be better for you , if you just break up with Lance. He?sno good for you, you say that he snorts coke, smokes marijuana, and pop pills, plus hedoesn?t treat you like the beautiful girl that you areReese- You don?t know anything about him! You don?t know his story! Lance loves me,he just have a hard life, that?s all, I understand himGina- Then why are you always in here crying and telling me how miserable you are?Reese- I have to get to classGina- Reese!Reese- I?ll see you later, Ms. Weatherly(In the hallway)Sandra- I?m sick of all your bull! I mean you got to stop sleeping around on me. I?m notplaying.Zeek- What you want me to do Sandra? Settle down? Marry you? Look I love you,you?re the mother of my son. Look, you need to chill out. I?m your man, I could?ve ranout on you and left when you got pregnant but I didn?t! I was there for you and I still am.Show me some gratitude!Sandra- Zeek, you already had a baby with a prostitute!Zeek- Look, I?m not about to argue about this right now. I?m about to ditch class. I?llcatch you later(Zeek exits, Sandra begins to cry, and Lauren walks up)Lauren- What?s wrong now? He always making you cry. I don?t know why you put upwith him. I mean he got a baby with the teacher and a prostitute, I would?ve kicked histrifling behind to the curb.Sandra- Oh really? Then why haven?t you kicked Avery to the curb, hmmm probablybecause he kicks your a?Lauren- Touch?! Why you gotta bring Avery up anyways?Sandra- Because Lauren you?re always judging me, I mean at least Zeek doesn?t beat me.Lauren- Look. Don?t be catching no little attitude with me! I?m trying to help you out.Ugh! I promise white girls are so dumb!Sandra- Lauren seriously! You?re white too! You?re not black.Lauren- Look hurre, Now ain?t nobody ask your little crybaby ass nothing about nothing.Sandra- Move out my way, I have classLauren- Yeah go to class!(Sandra exits and Avery walks up)Avery- Lauren who are you talking to? It bet not be another manLauren- Avery, don?t start with me today!Avery- What? (slaps Lauren and she falls) Don?t ever talk to me like that again. Are youcrazy? You lost your mind(Reese passes by but she just keeps walking and Avery starts to kick Lauren and shehollers. Ms. Weatherly runs up)Ms. Weatherly- Stop It! (pulls Avery away from Lauren) What is wrong with you?Didn?t your mama teach you not to hit girls?Avery- Don?t talk about my mama she?s dead!Ms. Weatherly- Oh so now you?re mad at every woman you meet! I?m going to have toask you to go to Mr. Sanders's office.Avery- So what, he high anyways, he ain?t gone do nothingMs. Weatherly- Then I will! Go to my office and wait until I get there(Avery exits and Ms. Weatherly helps Lauren up)How long has he been hitting you like that?Lauren- That?s none of your business!Ms. Weatherly- Look I?m just trying to help. You don?t deserve to be abused like thatLauren- You don?t know what I deserve, you don?t know meMs. Weatherly- I know that your relationship is not healthyLauren- Look just mind your damn business! (begins to walk off)Ms. Weatherly- Where are you going?(Lauren looks back)Lauren- to classMs. Weatherly- When you?re ready for my help come to my office(Lauren rolls her eyes at Ms. Weatherly and exits)Ms. Weatherly- What is going on in the world today? This school is the worst school inAmerica, lowest scores, high dropout percentage; the students have more kids than theteachers, and the teachers sleeping with the students. Poor Reese, she?s a beautiful girldating our star athlete. A star that?s an understatement! A young boy on hard drugs allbecause of his lost soul. What about our principal Mr. Joshua Sanders?, he be so high hedon?t even know what?s going on. Precious Lauren, she grew up so badly she stays with aguy who beats on her. God, how can I help these kids? I want to help them so bad. Youknow that?s the only reason I?m still here. God I just ask for your guidance. I seen a lot ofcrazy things in my life but this school has to be the craziest.Act One Scene Two(In the hallway)Sheena- You need to stop drinking so much! You always start acting crazy when you hadtoo much to drinkLaila- What you talking about? I wasn?t drunkSheena- You asked me to drive you home from the party yesterdayLaila- What was so crazy about that?Sheena- The party was at your houseLaila- Okay, I had a drink or two? So what. I?m living life to the fullest, on the edge, justlike you?. (Sheena raises her eyebrows) Yes, you were caught on tapeSheena- What?Laila- Girl it?s all on Vivid entertainment (shows her a video on her phone)(Sheena gasps)Sheena- He said he wasn?t going to show anybodyLaila- What are you worried for? You?re famous nowSheena- Me? Famous?Laila- Yeah girl, wanna party and celebrateSheena- If you don?t get drunkLaila- Then what?s the pointMr. Sanders- Ladies what are you doing in the hallway? Class started 15 minutes ago, atleast I think. Yea cause I started rolling my bud around 8:19 so that was about 15 minutesago. Aye ya?ll got some snacks or something? I?m starving like them kids in Africa.Laila- I have some chipsSheena- I have my lunch in my lunchboxMr. Sanders- Good, give it hereLaila- Dang, Mr. Sanders you gone eat all that foodMr. Sanders- Stop yelling at me!Laila- I wasn?t yellingMr. Sanders- Go learn your ABC?s kids(Mr. Sanders exit)Sheena- Let?s get out of hereLaila- Yeah. You gone have to show me some of your skills in this video(Sheena laughs)(They exit)(In Ms. Weatherly?s office)Ms. Weatherly- Avery, What will make you be so violent towards a girl?Avery- Look, I don?t trust nobody. If you cross the line, I don?t care who you are; therewill be consequences and repercussionsMs. Weatherly-There is a deeper reason why you hurt innocent peopleAvery- Lauren is far from innocent. That girl been passed around from boy to boy. Shenot about to play me like that.Ms. Weatherly- What you did today was wrong, And you know thatAvery- How I handle my lady, is none of your concern. You?re not from the streets,therefore you can?t help me with nothing! I?m out(He gets up but is stopped by Ms. Weatherly)Ms. Weatherly- Sit back down! You will not disrespect me like that. What you thinkbecause I?m white I didn?t have a hard life!Avery- ExactlyMs. Weatherly- Well let me tell you something Avery! The reason why I took this jobbecause I know what it?s like not to have a positive role model in your life! My momkilled herself when I was 8 years old in front of me! All because of some pervert of aman that left her and went back to his wife! (She begins to cry) He would come in myroom every night and make me do nasty things to him but do you think my mom gave adamn about it! No! And after she died I was stuck with the bastard until I went to collegeand made something out of my life and was able to escape that hellhole!Avery- I?m sorry Ms. WeatherlyMs. Weatherly- Oh you?re sorry alright! I?m here because I care about all of you. You allhave serious problems. Including the teachers and Mr. Sanders but I can?t make anyonechange, I can only help them to make a change but only if they want to.Avery- Look, at least you made it out. Some of us you can?t save. Nobody in this schoolwants your help Ms. Weatherly, so you?re wasting your good looks and fancy degree onthe wrong peopleMs. Weatherly- I don?t think so. I believe that everyone here has a lot of potential.Avery- Potential to run the streets and end up in jailMs. Weatherly- Is that where you want to end up Avery? Because I don?t think that?s alifestyle that you want.Avery- Look, I don?t need you preaching at me. This is my life and right now I?mmissing class.Ms. Weatherly- Avery you have 35 unexcused absences, plus your grades are way belowaverage, a few minutes of some counseling can only benefit you.Avery- Can I leave now? I have more important things to doMs. Weatherly- Go on Avery, but I want you to come back during lunch tomorrowAvery- Yeah whatever(Avery exits)(In Mr. Conway?s class)(Sheena and Laila walks in late)Sheena- Hey Mr. ConwayLaila- You missed us?Mr. Conway- Hello ladies, I sure did so glad you two can join us. How about you twostay after class and catch up on all that you missed?Sheena- Will doLaila- You got it Mr. Conway (winks at him and they go sit down)Tyranneisha- (cough, cough) Sluts!Sheena- Ghetto bitchTyranneisha- Don?t make me whip your?.Mr. Conway- Ladies!Sheena- She started itMr. Conway- Well finish itSheena- Sorry, Mr. ConwayMr. Conway- I forgive you Sheena. Tyranneisha, apologize to SheenaTyranneisha- I ain?t apologizing to her!Mr. Conway- Now!Tyranneisha- I?m sorryMr. Conway- That?s more like itTyranneisha- I?m sorry you?re a slut!Sheena- Hey!Mr. Conway- That?s it! Get out Tyranneisha!(She storms out and slams the door)Mr. Conway- Well it?s almost time to leave so, begin packing your things. Sheena andLaila remember to see me after class(the bell rings, the class exits and Sheena and Laila approaches Mr. Conway?s desk)Laila- So what did we miss (puts her leg up on his desk and Mr. Conway feels up her leg)Mr. Conway- Sheena, lock the doorSheena- Yes sir (she locks the door and Laila and Mr. Conway begins to kiss)Mr. Conway- Come here, Sheena (he kisses her as Laila unzips his pants and falls to herknees)(The lights go off and the scene changes)End Act One Scene TwoAct Two Scene One(At lunch in the cafeteria, Reese is at the table with Audra and Allison. Lance walks up)Lance- Reese, I?ve been calling you! Why haven?t you been calling back!Audra- Look lower your voice, don?t be yelling at my girl like that!Lance- You shut your crazy ass up!Audra- Crazy! I got your crazy! (She gets up, but Reese holds her back)Reese- You don?t have to defend me, Audra. Look Lance, I?m really tired of yournonsense. If you don?t stop what you?re doing then I can?t do this anymore.Audra- (nicely) Nice shirt Lance (rudely) Get the hell away from Reese! (nicely) Youguys should work things out. (rudely) It?s over Lance! Beat it!Reese- Audra! Look Lance maybe we should take a breakLance- Okay, there?s more fish in the sea. Don?t come crawling back to me when youcome to your senses (he walks out)(Reese sheds a tear and Audra gets up to comfort her with a hug)Audra- It?s okay Reese. I love you baby girl (she feels her butt and Reese pulls away)Reese- You know I?m not like that Audra! (walks away)Audra- I?m better than Lance!Allison- Audra sit down. You?re making a sceneAudra- Shutup Allison!! (walks off)(In Ms. Weatherly?s office)Gina- I?m glad you came back AveryAvery- Yeah whateverGina- Please lose the attitude(There?s a knock at the door)Gina- Come in!(Lauren enters)Gina- I?m glad you can join us. Take a seat LaurenLauren- Hi AveryAvery- Sup bae(Lauren sits down)Gina- Now that I have you both here, we can discuss your problemsLauren- I don?t have any problems!Gina- Oh I believe you doLauren- I already told you, you don?t know me Gina!Gina- Ms. Weatherly to you young lady and lower your tone when you speak to meLauren- Look you ain?t nobody?s mamaGina- Yeah well I?m a lot closer to your mama than you?re real mama because I?mconcerned about you and she?s not!Lauren- Don?t talk about my mama!Avery- I told you. You can?t help us Ms. Weatherly.Ms. Weatherly- Well I believe in you more than you believe in yourselves. And I wasn?ttalking about your mother but I know your mom left you.Lauren- Mind your business!Ms. Weatherly- Why Lauren? Why do you let Avery hit you?Avery- Didn?t Lauren say mind your business, how I handle my woman has nothing to dowith you!Gina- Shutup Avery! Lauren how come you?re tough when you speak to me but youdon?t defend yourself against AveryLauren- Avery loves meGina- That?s what you call love, that is not love. You both need some serious helpLauren- I didn?t ask for help Gina! (walks out and slams the door and Avery laughs)Avery- I told you Ms. Weatherly. Stay out of it! Do what all the other teachers here do,look pretty and get paid (he exits)Gina- (shakes her head) Help me Jesus(In the hallway)Avery- (to Reese) Hey beautiful!Reese- Get away from me, Where?s Lauren?Avery- Who cares?Reese- You should. She?s your girlfriend.Avery- I heard that you and Lance over. I was thinking about leaving Lauren too. She?strash. I was just with her for the good head. I want somebody real now, like you (hetouches her face and kisses her and they begin to make out, then she sees Lauren and shepushes him away)Reese- Please negro! I don?t want your abusive, arrogant a?I just left a loser and I?m notlooking for another one (she walks off)(Avery smiles, Lauren is standing behind him crying. He looks back and sees her)Avery- Baby!Lauren- Fuck you, Avery!(Scene changes Lauren has returned to Ms. Weatherly office still crying)Lauren- I?m ready to talk now(Ms. Weatherly hands her some tissue)Lauren- Thanks!Gina- Have a seat(Lauren sits down)Gina- What?s wrong?Lauren- You were right. Avery doesn?t love me (awkward silence) Aren?t you going tosay I told you so.Gina- No. What made you come to that conclusion?Lauren- I saw him kissing Reese, he told her I was just trashGina- Oh my gosh. I?m sorry Lauren.Lauren- Why do you still want to help me after how rude I?ve been to you?Gina- It?s my job and it?s what I?m here for. Plus I understand what you?re goingthrough. So you want to tell me why you let the relationship get this far?Lauren- My dad abused my mom. She tried to leave plenty of times and she always gotcaught whenever she took me too. So, one day she finally escaped without me and shenever came back. So, then I was next. My dad beats me, so for me it?s normal.Gina- No it?s not. Have you talked to anyone about this?Lauren- No.Gina- You should call the cops.Lauren- Why? They are never going to believe me. I have a record.Gina- What?s on your record?Lauren- ProstitutionGina- Well, How about you stay with me?Lauren- I can?t.Gina- Why not?Lauren- Because my dad will kill you if he found out about it.Gina- What if I file a restraining order so he can?t come near us.Lauren- My dad wouldn?t care, he?ll come after you anyway.Gina- How about you let me worry about your dad. Trust me we?ll both be safe. I?ll makesure your dad never sees daylight again.Lauren- You can do that?Gina- My uncle is a cop. Don?t worry, I?ll take care of it.Lauren- Thanks, Ms. WeatherlyGina- You?re welcome. Now get to classLauren- Okay, bye.Gina- Bye (Lauren exits. Gina picks up the phone and dials) Yes, Hey Uncle Bruce, Ineed a favor(Lauren exits)Act Two Scene One(In Ms. Reed?s class)Taryn- Hello class(Boys start whistling)Taryn- Thanks boys. You love my new outfit(Boys clap; Mrs. Reed turns around and shakes her butt, and all the boys cheer)Sandra- That is so pathetic!Taryn- Zeek didn?t think soZeek- UmmmSandra- (looks at Zeek and starts to cry)Zeek (to Ms. Reed) Why did you do that Taryn?Taryn- Just telling the truthSandra- Why did you have to have a baby by her Zeek?Taryn- Awww, maybe because you?re not woman enough for himTyrannosaurus- Bitches! Can we learn English please?Taryn- Excuse me, little Mrs. Ghetto Fabulous wants to learn EnglishTyrannosaurus- Not really, but I rather listen to that than this bull anyday. Sandra stoptripping over her, she ain?t nothing but a h?and forget Zeek pumpkin headed a--! He?s atrifling good for nothing type of brotherZeek- Man shutup! Baby don?t listen to her, you can?t take advice from a girl namedTyrannosaurusTaryn- Boo hoo hoo. Zeek are you coming to pick your daughter up after school today?She misses her daddyZeek- Sure, I?ll come around 8Sandra- We had plans at 8Zeek- Baby. You really want me to choose between you and my daughter.Sandra-(gets up) What about me? I have your son and I?m your girlfriend!Taryn- No one cares drama queen sit down before I fail your dumbass! I?m trying to benice since your son is Cheyenne?s brother.(Sandra sits down and cry)Tyrannosaurus- Stop being so weak girl! If it was me I?ll be grabbing that helfa by herhead and slanging her across this classroom.Zeek- Mind your business(bell rings)Taryn- Anyway your papers is due tomorrow(class starts exiting)Taryn- Bye Zeek (kisses him and Sandra runs out crying)Tyrannosaurus- Now Ms. Reed you know that was messed up.Taryn- Bye Tyrannosaurus!!!!!(Tyrannosaurus exits)Zeek-Why did you do that in front of Sandra? You know she?s sensitiveTaryn-Because she?s too weak for you. You need a real woman like meZeek- I always found your attitude sexy(he kisses her)Taryn-So, I?ll see you at 8Zeek- Yeah(Lights go out and scene changes)Act Two Scene Two(Next day at lunch. Audra is sitting with Reese and Allison and Lauren walks up)Lauren- Can I sit down?Allison- Sure yeahLauren- I?m LaurenAllison- AllisonReese- ReeseAudra- Hi I?m Audra?.. BitchLauren- Excuse meReese- Don?t mind her. Sit down(Lauren sits down)Lauren (to Reese)- Wait you?re the girl who was kissing my boyfriend!!Audra- (nicely) Yeah that was her beautiful self (meanly) That nappy headed h?Reese- Yeah and I?m sorry. I was a bit caught off guard after breaking up with LanceLauren- You know the old me would?ve beat your a--, but you actually did me a favor.You helped me see Avery?s true colors.Audra- Really not those black eyes and bruises!! You are so beautiful.Lauren- Are you like bipolar are something?Audra- Excuse me!!Allison- Yes she is.Lauren- Oh.Reese- So, if you knew I kissed your boyfriend why did you come over hereLauren- Well, Ms. Weatherly told me to face my demons to help me get over the past. Imean you are way prettier than me but you?re not better than me! Sure, I may have beenabused but I know Lance. I used to get high with him.Reese- Yeah. I know. Well, don?t come here with any drama I?m trying to be niceLauren- Ha! You can pretend that you actually have a heart in there. You?re a cold assbitch! And yours is coming real soon. (poors milk on her, Reese stands up and screamsthen exit)Audra- (laughs) Why the hell did you do that?!!! You?re so pretty.Lauren- You?re sick!Allison- Why are you so mean?Lauren- You seem like a nice girl. You should get some better friends.(Scene changes outside the school Reese sits on the bench and cries and a weird lookingguy approaches her)Edward- HiReese- (rudely) Hi, Why are you talking to me I don?t even know your lame a?Edward- Yeah I get that a lot and actually you know me quite wellReese- What?Edward- You and Avery always teased me and you watched him beat me up the first timeI spoke to you on the first day of schoolReese- Oh Edward isn?t it?Edward- Yeah. Well anyway I noticed that you were crying and I just wanted to knowwhat?s wrong? I never seen you cry beforeReese- I wasn?t crying. I have allergiesEdward- Hmm right.Reese- What were you doing out here creeping on me anyway?Edward- I?m always out here. Everytime I step inside of there everyone insults me orbeats me up. So, I just hang out here by myself all day.Reese- That?s sad (laughs)Edward- Yeah, but you still haven?t told me why you?re out here and why you?re coveredin milkReese- That horrible girl Lauren got mad because her stupid, abusive boyfriend Averykissed meEdward- Oh sucksReese- She humiliated me in front of everyone in the cafeteria and my friends!Edward- Well I bet she was humiliated when she saw you kissing her boyfriendReese- That?s nothing compared to everyone seeing her get her a?kicked by him in thehallway!Edward- That sounds kind of selfishReese- What do you know? Why am I even talking to you? You?re a loser (she gets upand walks off)Edward- My name is Edward!!!Reese- I don?t give a shit! (she exits)(Scene changes to Mrs. Rose Lewis classRose- Okay you dumb motherfuckers! Listen up and listen up good! I don?t want anyexcuses about why tonight?s assignment is not completed tomorrow. Everyone needs tofollow Allison?s example and do your work.Allison- Thanks Mrs. Lewis(Mrs. Lewis looks up and see that Tyranneisha is sleep with her head on the desk)Rose- Don?t suck up to me! Tyranneisha! (Tyranneisha lifts up her head)You didn?t getany sleep last night?Tyranneisha- Yeah and I was trying to get some more. I mean you boring me to death(Sheena and Laila laugh)Rose- Sheena and Laila you find something funnyLaila- Yes, that horrible outfit you?re wearing (Sheena and Laila laugh)Rose- Get out! All three of you!Sheena- And go where? Mr Sander?s office?Rose- I don?t care where you go just get the h?out of my classroom. Ya?ll better haveyour work tomorrow too. Uh huh think it?s a game. Move it!Tyranneisha- You ain?t said nothing but a wordRose- Uh huh step Tyranneisha! What the h?your mama name you that for. Just ghettoat its best (Tyranneisha exits) Come on Paris and Nicole move your little narrow a?eson out of hereSheena- HaterLaila- Someone?s on their period. Come on let?s go get wasted(Sheena and Laila exit)Rose- Do anyone else want to leave with them?Zeek- That?s my cueLance- Wait for me!Rose- Fine by me Zeek and Lance gone chase them chickens on out of here then.(Lance and Zeek exit)Now sit up straight and open your books! Allison!!(Allison jumps)Allison- Yes ma?amRose- Read Sonnet 18 by Shakespeare out loud for usAllison- Yes ma?am. Shall I compare thee to a summer?s day?(Scene changes to Ms. Weatherly office)Gina- Why would you kiss Lauren?s boyfriend Reese?Reese- He kissed me! I was caught off guard and when I saw her I snapped out of themoment. I told him it was inappropriateGina- Maybe you and Lauren should talk things out. 2 wrongs does not make a right. Youand Lauren both should know that by now.Reese- Lauren is a ghetto white girl, she not trying to talk about anythingGina- Reese as a senior here, you have to set a better example. You?re a beautiful, smartyoung lady. You know what to do. Now I?ll see you tomorrow. I?m going to have to writeyou a detention for skipping class.Reese- Aww Ms. WeatherlyGina- I have to Reese. Now get to class(hands her a detention and Reese exits)End of Act Two Scene TwoAct 3 Scene One(In the gym, Mr. Sanders enters he is staggering and stuttering as he speaks)Mr. Sanders- As you you all know I?ve de-de-de-cided to give you you you all our 1stannual homec-c-c-oming dance!(Everyone cheer)Now now now this was all Ms. Weath-er-er-1ly?s iiiiiidea just tto seee how well you allbehave. So dddddon?t let her ddddown(Everyone cheers)Now go learn!(Bell rings)(Outside of the gym Tyranneisha is beating up Edward)Tyranneisha- Crazy Freak! (kicks him) You like to look at girls through windows hiuh(kick him again and all the students crowd the fight)Edward- Ahhhh!Tyranneisha- Don?t ever watch me again! (kicks him)Edward- Ahh! It wasn?t me!Tyranneisha- Liar!! (Ms. Weatherly sees the fight and runs up to break it up)Gina-Stop it! Tyranneisha I am very disappointed in you. You were doing much better.Now you?re going back to your old ways. Bullying and beating up Edward! You?resuspended, now go get your things and leave now. All of you should be ashamed ofyourselves watching someone get hurt! Go to class now! You?re making me regretsuggesting a homecoming dance already. Hurry before I change my mind!(They all scurry and exit)Gina- Are you alright? (she helps him up)Edward- Yes ma?amGina- Come with me to my office so we can talk(Scene changes to Mr. Conway?s class)Rose- Kenyon when am I going to have my turn?Kenyon- Rose I already told you, I don?t have relations with my colleaguesRose- But its okay to have relations with your studentsKenyon- Who told you that?Rose- I have my ways. You don?t think I know every step you take and how many affairsyou have. I know you?ve been with Allison, and Sheena, and Laila. Sheena dumbasswrote about it in her journal and turned it in.Kenyon- Look, you?re crazy get out my classroom. My students should be on their way.(Rose throws herself at him and he pushes her away)Rose I already told you I?m not interested. Get that through your brain you psycho!Rose- Fine, let?s see what your wife thinks about this when I give her a call and I?mpretty sure the school board would be very interested in this story.Kenyon- Are you threatening me?Rose- Ha!Kenyon- Do it, because I?m pretty sure sexual harassment is illegal tooRose- You?ll never be able to prove that. I have evidence and you don?tKenyon- Look you crazy bitch(Sheena and Laila enters)Sheena- Hey Mr Conway! We?re on time todayLaila- Yeah, couldn?t wait to get to our favorite teacher?s classKenyon- Hi girls.(Sheena and Laila roll their eyes at Ms. Lewis)Rose- I guess I?ll get to my class now. Bye Mr. ConwayKenyon- Bye Ms. LewisLaila- You weren?t cheating on us with Ms. Lewis were you?Kenyon- Of course not, now have a seat Sheena and Laila(Audra enters)Hi Audra(she sits down and then Lance, Zeek, Reese, Tyranosaurus ,and Allison all enter)Allison- Hi Mr. ConwayMr. Conway- Hi Allison, how about you stay after class for me today and help me gradesome papersAllison- Sure(Sheena and Laila look at each other)Sheena- Laila and I could?ve helpedMr. Conway- Allison is my designated student to help me grade papers. Okay well let?sget started(In Ms. Weatherly?s office)Gina- How come I hardly see you around hereEdward- I usually just stay outside so they won?t beat me upGina- So who won?t beat you up. Who is they?Edward-Tyranneisha, Lance, ZeekGina- Why do they beat you up?Edward- Lance knows I like Reese and Zeek and Tyranneisha just do it because I don?tfight backGina- Why don?t you?Edward- I don?t know. They can beat me any worse than I beat myselfGina- What do you mean by that?Edward- I cut myselfGina- Oh gosh. Why would you do something like that?Edward- Physical pain distracts me from my emotional painGina- What is your emotional pain?Edward- I have low self esteem.Gina- Why? You?re a handsome young manEdward- No one else seem to think so. Reese hates meGina- You really like her huh?Edward- Yes ma?amGina- Well maybe you should find a different approach. Reese likes guys withconfidence. You should be more confident. Can you do that?Edward- I can tryGina- Okay. Now stop hiding outside and go to your classes. Your education is veryimportant.Edward- I can?t they?ll beat me up and no one is going to help me, Mr. Sanders will betoo high to careGina- Don?t worry. I?ll keep an eye on them. Now take this note to Ms. Snow?s class(she hands him the note)If you have any trouble just come to my office.Edward- Yes ma?amGina- Bye EdwardEdward- Bye(Edward exits)End of Act 3 Scene OneAct 3 Scene Two(At homecoming in the gym, a new and improved Edward walks up to Reese withconfidence)Edward- Hey ReeseReese- Edward? Is that you?Edward- Yes. You look beautifulReese- You don?t look half-bad yourselfEdward- Wanna dance (he reaches out his hand)Reese- Why not(they go out on the floor and dance)Rose- Hey KenyonKenyon- Rose let?s not do this hereRose- Come on just give me one dance. I wore this dress just for youKenyon- No thank you(he walks off)Rose- Fine!(she leaves the gym)Avery- Lauren, you want to danceLauren- You have some nerve asking me to dance I?m not interested! (she tries to walkaway and he grabs her by the arm and Audra spots him and pulls him off)Audra- Back up before it get ugly, Avery!Avery- Can?t you see I?m talking to my womanAudra- I don?t think she wants to talk to you(he looks at Lauren)Avery- You?re a lesbian now?Lauren- Yes. She?s my girlfriend (she moves closer to Audra)Audra- Now move around dismiss(Avery walks off angrily)Lauren- Thanks for having my backAudra- I always have your back and speaking of back. Turn around (she spins Laurenaround) Yeah mama you working that dress. Come on let?s dance(Lauren smiles)Lauren- Okay(Ms. Snow and Ms. Reed is talking and she glance up and sees Zeek dancing with Sandrashe drops her punch and walks over to them)Taryn- Zeek!Sandra- Oh lord!Zeek- What Taryn?Taryn- What is this?Zeek- I?m dancing with my girlTaryn- Last night you told me you were through with herSandra- What? (she looks at Zeek then back at Ms. Reed and begin to cry and runs offembarrassed)Zeek- Sandra! Look Taryn it?s over. I love Sandra. You?re just a piece of meat. (he runsafter Sandra)Taryn- Fine lose my number!!!(Ms. Snow walks over)Ada- usted y Zeek sido perder el tiempo(Taryn looks confused)Taryn- Shutup! (Taryn walks off and Ada follows her)(Scene changes to in the hallway)Lance- Tyranneisha, why aren?t you at the homecoming?Tyranneisha- I?m suspended dumba--. I was just getting the rest of my things.Lance- Hey, you know your little nasty attitude is kind of sexyTyranneisha- Yeah whateverLance- You should let me hitTyranneisha- No thanks(Lance grabs her arm, Tyranneisha tries to fight him off but is not strong enough. Shescreams but no one hears her. Lance kisses her and she screams and tries to fight but stillcan?t. The lights dim)(End of Act Three Scene Two)Act Four Scene One(In the hallway Sandra and Zeek are seen walking together alongside with Audra andLauren, and Edward and Reese. They pass by Sheena and Laila)Sheena- Hey sis! Hey LaurenAudra- HeyLauren- Hey SheenaLaila- Oh my gosh! So you two really are a coupleLauren- Of course we areSheena- Edward, everyone?s been talking about how cute you and Reese are. You reallycame a long, long way EdwardEdward- Ugh thanksReese- Yup that?s my baby(Reese and Edward kiss)Sheena- Aww so cute.Laila- I?m going to pukeSandra- Stop hating Laila(bell rings)Laila- Saved by the bell(they all exit)(Scene changes to Ms. Weatherly?s office Tyrannosaurus enters)Gina- Hello Tyrannosaurus, I never seen you in hereTyrannosaurus- I need to talk to you, it?s about my cousin TyranneishaGina- Sure. Have a seat?. If this is about her suspension the decision is final.Tyrannosaurus- It ain?t no damn suspension. I knew this was a bad idea. (she gets up)Gina- Sit back down and tell me what?s wrong?(Tyranneisha sits back down)Tyrannosaurus-Tyranneisha??.Tyranneisha?..TyranneishaGina- Spit it out! Tyranneisha whatTyranneisha- She was raped during the homecoming danceGina- Oh my gosh by who?Tyrannosaurus- Lance GreerGina- Did she tell anyone about this? Did she call for help? Where?s Lance?Tyrannosaurus- I?m the only person she told. She was crying over the phone last nightand she couldn?t call for help no one will believe her.Gina- Let me guess she has a recordTyrannosaurus- ExactlyGina- Well I appreciate you coming to me. I?ll make sure to take care of Lance.Tyrannosaurus- He?s a coke head Ms. Weatherly. He probably don?t even rememberdoing what he didGina- Well, he still needs to pay for what he did. This is not acceptable not on my watchMr Sanders is not going to be of any help so I make it my business to step up and makesure all of you are taken care ofTyrannosaurus- How did Mr. Sanders become principal anyway? He doesn?t even donothingGina- I don?t know. I guess no one else really wanted to deal with out of control studentsTyrannosaurus- Well you doGina- Thanks for coming in Tyrannosaurus. I?ll see what I can do about this situationTyrannosaurus- Oh and please don?t tell Tyranneisha I told you and please don?t call herparentsGina- Why shouldn?t I call her parents? This is a serious matter. They should be informedabout what happened to their daughter.Tyrannosaurus- Trust me I know my aunt and uncle they don?t give a crap aboutTyranneisha their coke heads too.Gina- You really shouldn?t refer to people with that problem as coke headsTyrannosaurus- I don?t know what else to call them. Can I ask you something?Gina- YesTyrannosaurus- Why do you care about us? No one else does. You don?t need to bedealing with all this dramaGina- I don?t mind. Let?s just say I know what all of you are going throug

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Submitted by Alex (not verified) on Thu, 09/05/2013 - 05:37
HI :) I'm planning to do a school productions for charity and I was wondering if I could use your script? It's just what I've been looking for: it's halarious, witty but not too rude with a message as well :) Would it be okay to use your script? All money would go to charity

30-60m Sitcoms/Stage Plays - One Jacked Up High School Tale