My Crazy Life

My Crazy Life

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I lead a crazy life, I am attracted to crazy people, and always find myself in crazy situations... Am I crazy?

Nope, Yeah thought so. anyhoo, let me tell you about my family.

I have three younger brothers, one that looks like a a twig, another that looks like a stick and one more that looks like a sausage.

Sausage Fingers! I just thought about that, what do people mean when they say you have sausage fingers? Do your fingers look like sausages? Can you eat them? Or is just an insult basically calling you fat or sausages fat? I'll never call someone sausage fingers because then I will be insulting sausages. I have grown a bit hesitant about sausages after watching sausage party, everytime I see them I feel like they will shout "Fuck you"at me.

Well that said, lets move on to a more tasty subject,butts or more precisely channing Tatum's butt. I am kidding, although his butt is a masterpiece-well used to be, don't know about now, last time I saw him was in she's the man and let's just say he was the man ;). I've always wondered what if his butt was fake, like one day you find yourself kicking his butt for whatever reason ( you never know it could happen!) and while you kick his butt you feel something cushiony under your foot. And then, woe and behold! You find out channing Tatum's butt is as uneven as my tits. It could happen y'know.

Anyways, what was I talking about, oh yh it was my family. My family isn't the most dysfunctional family in the world we're just on the unique side of things, the side where we break more TV's than the amount of times you go toilet. let me just recall what happened to the three recent TV's we have broken. The first one was broken by my twig brother, who was under the influence that he could be a better rabbit than peter rabbit. He was jumping up and down, up and down until he found his head shape carved into the TV. He was really hurt or that was I heard I'm not sure I was more concerned about the TV which was no longer with us. The second TV was broken by my dimwitted stick brother who after watching Kung Fu panda thought he was Po and started wiggling his belly or should I say bones and fell on top of the TV. 


The third TV was actually broken by me, I, thinking that I could dance, started dancing in the living room and then I fell on top of the TV whilst attempting a pirouette. I flung Myself off and moved away from the TV, when the TV was about to fall I sprinted towards it and...


Saved my bowl of popcorn from underneath it.

I am tired now so BYEEE my little walruses, why walruses?

Just cuz, alright!! I love walruses

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