Life of Brian

Life of Brian

(Unknown)   by Lee Judson

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Life of Brian - A sitcom / comedy idea of a late 40s man who is a window cleaner in a very small Yorkshire town , he has long golden brown ginger hair & a thick mustache. He is very well known in the town & is Loud , quite rude , abrupt , obnoxious & work shy. He drives a brown / orange ford Capri & is very old fashioned , dresses old fashioned (70s) style. Brian has a brother who is quiet who has a glass eye & seems to get into trouble a lot ( very mischievous ) . Dodgy looking chap. Brian also has a friend who works in the local leisure centre who Brian often visits during work time which the staff there dislike & are not fond, 'duggy' is very over the top & talks fast & gives very bad advice out to customers / clients in the leisure centre where he works & is always being warned for his conduct by management . Brian has a lot of very bad habits & also a mysterious history / disappeared for couple of years , no one knows why , he doesn't like to mention it ( comedy aspect ) . Brian collects window money at very inappropriate times , I.e - Sunday afternoons , late night etc. people often unsure if he's genuinely cleaned windows, many of the town / community slightly afraid of Brian's abruptness ( mainly men ) , women often moan to the men saying " tell him " ( Brian ) .. But often the men say, I will do next time. I have many ideas / scenarios for this setting , even how Brian looks/dresses/voices - accents, also the type of town in which it could be set, Also many ideas for scenarios for scenes & which are very funny. I.e - he is always winking at women when with their partners in supermarkets etc - Brian has a wide stare (eyes wide) whilst cleaning windows when people eating there meals - Brian doesn't clean his windows that often , only when he needs money & also in the poring rain. - Brian listens to queen/def leopard a lot loud in Capri also Boyzone & five (very random) - scene where Brian is driving listening to a 'language tape/cd' in car - Brian has room to let / rent in house - funny scenario interviewing potential lodgers ( wants women lodger ) - Brian drives with his 'high beam' on his car a lot disrupting other drivers - Brian has pet python , it eats neighbours cat/dog - policeman who knows Brian comes to his house but Brian denies it - when policeman comes Brian has a big snake draft excluder - policeman gives it a funny look whilst taking to Brian. - Brian goes to look around wedding venues - very strange , funny woman showing him around , maybe Brian is with foreign ( maybe far eastern girl ) . I have many more scenarios in mind & detailed scenes with character pictures in mind.

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Submitted by Lee Judson on Tue, 03/04/2014 - 03:15
My rough copy of a comedy tv sitcom , ... Very rough around the edges at the mo in this form - but have a lot of ideas to put this together with the right / correct backing knowledge .

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