Griff and Robo show ep 2

Griff and Robo show ep 2

(7m)   by travis

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Episode 2 the girl

Scene 1 Reon and Travis sitting around playing Sims

Reon: hey Travis let me ask where do, you see yourself in 20 years

Travis: well I?ll be having sex with Megan fox and you?ll be in prison giving
big bob a bulumpikn

Reon: ? you do realise shell be like 50

Travis: well?. Shut up your giving big bob a bulumpkin

Reon: god damn it trabby stop saying bulumpkin

Travis: nevier

Travis rummaging through Reons fridge

Reon: jeez trabby help yourself

Travis: ? I thought I already did??

Zooms in on shot of Reon

Reon: but seriously what if it?s like I don?t know Sims and we get a family and a house and kids you know a perfect life ?..Travis stop killing the sim

Opening song: Justin beiber bad reaction to it

Reon and Travis all dressed up

Travis: ok Reon tonight my dates coming over and everything has to be
perfect I?ve even looked up professional dating advice

Reon: Google?

Travis: ? yes

Reon: damn it Travis what ever happened to your old girlfriend

Travis: I don?t know, you remember that awesome date we had

Goes to a flashback of date Reon and Travis versing girl on Xbox Reon and Travis keep teaming up on her, Travis acting nicer to Reon then her. He goes to hit Reon in the arm misses and hits girl. It then goes to them eating dinner which consists of chips and soft drink Travis feeding Reon.
They then are sitting at computer watching a movie from red tube.

Reon: nup that was an excellent date why?d she end up dumping you

Travis: she said I was too in the closet

Reon: I don?t know what she means by that you were in the lounge room
the whole time not the cupboard ? except during hide and seek

Travis: but this time will be different!

The doorbell rings Reon answers it in a transvestite costume

Reon: hello madam, come in madam, madam madam

She sits down with travis reon comes out with a plate with carrots starts
sucking them suggestively Travis then pulls him off to the side

Travis: Jesus Reon where did you learn to be a waiter

Reon: a certified waiting school

Travis: redtube?

Reon: no! ?. It was porn tube ? I think?

Travis: that it Reon your out

Travis goes sits back down then a guy burst through the door

Travis: can?t I get 5 minutes of privacy; fine well have to have a 3 way then!!

Guy: ok, I dibs front!

Girl: what!!

Guy: fine, what are you doing with my wife!!

Travis holding a biology book

Travis: planning this 3 way but I?m afraid there?s no way we both can get the same end result

Guy: that?s it you?re dead!!

Girl: wait honey this is one of my patients he called me here for an emergency therapy session

Travis: and to watch Dear John.

Guy: that?s it you?re a dead man!!!

Guy chases Travis out of house girl then follows

Reon walks out

Reon: oh god I?m all alone, I can never get over this betray? ohh paused game!!!

Goes to the boys still listening to Justin Beiber

Reon: call me crazy but this is starting to sound really good!

Travis: oh dear god!


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second episode in this five part series that follows the lives of 2 freinds. created by both Reon Robinson and myself, new episodes for the series will be updated for the next few weeks (possibly one a week). If you wish to use it keep to the origional confines of the script, please give credit and i would really like to see the end result. - thank you to all loyal veiwers, we love you all .... except you we really hate you. travis

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7m Sitcoms/Stage Plays - Griff and Robo show ep 2