Griff and Robo show ep 1

Griff and Robo show ep 1

(7m)   by travis

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episode 1 free runner

Scene 1 Reon and Travis sitting at home playing Xbox

Travis: I?m telling you he?s gay

Reon: he?s my dad and he?s married to my mum

Travis: it?s a front

Reon death stares Travis then presses one button and kills Travis? character

Travis: you ass hole!!!

Travis throws and tantrum Reon then kills his character Travis goes back to
normal like nothing happened

Opening song: I touch myself

Reon sitting on computer

Reon: this thing is so irritating it said I had mail so I went out to check the mailbox and nothing

Travis: ?. You ass stop being mean to Reon!!!
Reon: some of its ok I mean I found the ultimate website ?. YouTube I think?

They then go to YouTube

Reon: what the hell is this where?s all the porn!!

Travis: damn you internet you have to many tubes!!!!

They then notice the search bar and nod at one another it goes to a thing saying 10 hrs later their on a free runner video.

Travis: pfft I could do that

Reon: why don?t we then we could post it on this redtube and become super famous

It then goes to a montage of Reon and Travis running jumping over thing?s, climbing things etc. They then reach a slide Reon runs straight up it Travis keeps falling sliding down (Reon being inpatient) then it goes to Reon jumping from rock to rock then onto a seat he celebrates and falls off starts balling

Travis: no! I swear on my life that I will never free run again!!

Then shows travis carrying reon into the sunset. Then goes to the boys playing Xbox Reons leg up on a chair as if its broken

Travis: you know Reon I believe this experience has brought us closer and I
think you should ?.. Kill my character

Reon kills him with no hesitation Travis grabs Reon in bear hug Reon sneaks around him kills character again Travis turns around

Travis: oh you baterd!!

End credits play I touch myself changes to real slow song the 2 then confused proceed to slow dance with each other

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Author's Message

This is the first episode in a five episode series created by both Reon Robinson and myself, new episodes for the series will be updated for the next few weeks. If you wish to use it keep to the origional confines of the script, please give credit and i would really like to see the end result. -thanks for all the veiws Travis

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7m Sitcoms/Stage Plays - Griff and Robo show ep 1