Dating Astrology: A Tragedy

Dating Astrology: A Tragedy

(30-60m)   by Elleroni

Sitcoms/Stage Plays   (27065 Views 13 Comments)

A single women goes speed dating with her zodiac compatibility signs in order to research the method of astrology and find true love. 

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In order to write this script, I've become incredibly educated on astrology. With that being said, I could and want to continue writing a series of scripts based around other signs which will introduce more and more characters with each zodiac sign.

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Submitted by icomedytv on Sun, 05/27/2012 - 12:17
Sounds interesting. The script can be featured if you put part of it here.
Submitted by Cupcakegirl123 on Wed, 07/18/2012 - 04:25
Can i use this script? I want to use this for a Theater charity organization.
Submitted by Ellen (not verified) on Wed, 07/18/2012 - 07:34
Whats the charity. Please email me at
Submitted by LeeAnna (not verified) on Wed, 11/14/2012 - 12:18
I would like to potentially use this as a piece for a Speech competition. Would that be alright?
Submitted by Ellen (not verified) on Wed, 11/14/2012 - 12:46
Sure can, glad you enjoyed it!
Submitted by LeeAnna (not verified) on Wed, 11/14/2012 - 12:51
Thanks! Uh.. How exactly do I get the script?
Submitted by Elleroni on Wed, 11/14/2012 - 12:57
Are you a member? Once you are you should be able to friend me and have access to it.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 11/13/2013 - 21:15
please i want a script for company function, can u please send it to me?
Submitted by logan.enterprise on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 04:58
How exactly do I get the script
Submitted by coledude99 on Sun, 01/26/2014 - 08:25
Could I get this script? I'd like to use it for High School Level debate on the speech category.
Submitted by Sahil jain (not verified) on Tue, 02/18/2014 - 03:30
sir i want to use your script for adaption and to present a paly on a college fest.....pls sir can i use ur script
Submitted by ayayy on Sat, 03/08/2014 - 22:53
Can I get this script? I'd like to use it for theatre in my class
Submitted by SKBerkompas_13454 on Tue, 01/12/2021 - 13:39
I would like to read the script; please let me know how I can do this. Thank you!

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