Woman from Mars

Woman from Mars

(2m)   by andrey1270

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Woman from Mars (A silent sketch just her thoughts are reflected).

Apolonia has this dreadful bedside table, the drawers won?t stay shut, each time she shuts one the other opens, slowly and irritatingly they each slide open again and again and when she accidentally leans on the table, it tips over knocking everything on it off.

She books the day off work to sort out a few things and finally get rid of that silly table.
While out for a spot of shopping she sees a lovely white and pink bedside table displayed in a shop window, quite cheap too. It is fairly light as well so she can take it home herself once she gets a bag big enough. She is soon on her way home new purchase slung over her shoulder, shopping in hand. She arrives at the bus stop just as her bus pulls up. She places all the bags on the platform where luggage is usually kept making a conscious effort to remember her shopping before she gets off.

As she journeys on a woman comes on board with a baby, he won?t stop screaming and crying. His mother, frantic and too embarrassed to look at anyone tries to pacify him as best as she can.
Apolonia feels so sorry for her nothing will calm him. She looks sympathetically at the woman who nervously smiles back at her. As the bus approaches her stop she gets up lightly strokes the baby?s cheek and smiles at them both and gets off. She walks home with a spring in her step; she can?t remember why she is happy, as she puts her key through the hole. Shit! She left the bedside table and shopping on the bus, she runs to the phone to report the loss to the transport depot.


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2m Short Comedy Movies - Woman from Mars