What Doesn't Get Aired

What Doesn't Get Aired

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Episode2 Grannies in panties
Scene 1
The group standing on the set of the breakfast show
Reon: man I love this show
Michael: ha-ha u love a show
The group stares at Michael
2 minutes later Michael is in bin
Travis: sooo anyway how are we doing in the ratings?
Jodie pulls a newspaper out
Jodie: were 2nd!
Reon: not good enough! Who?s 1st?
Jodie: umm ?grannies in panties?
Travis: 1 question?
Jodie what?s that?
Travis: where the fuck did u get that newspaper?
Jodie: well you see?..
Reon (interrupting): we have to destroy this ?grannies in panties? show so we can be 1st in the ratings and then we shall rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
Group stares at Reon
1 minute later Reons in the bin with Michael
Michael (in bin): this is great now I can tell you all about this time on WOW when ??
Reon (in bin): God help me!
End of scene

Scene 2
Travis, Jess, Ayrton and Jodie on grannies in panties set
Travis: they don?t look so big
Grandmas in nothing but panties walking around the set
Ayrton: that is the most fucked up thing I have ever seen!
Jodie: why would people watch this??????
Reon and Michael walk up
Reon: oh my god am I in heaven?!?!?!?!
Group stares at Reon
1 minute later Reons tied up and gagged
Jodie: now you stay here and be a good little Reon!
Grandmas start crowding around Reon like sexual predators
Reon starts screaming whilst gagged
Jess: Ayrton can I talk to you?
Jodie: ohhh you?re in!!!
Travis: umm Jodie he?s your boyfriend?!?!?
Jodie: he is??? Back off bitch he?s mine!!!!!!
Michael, Travis and Ayrton all start staring at Jodie scared shitless
Jess: okkk anyway, I want out of my contract!
Ayrton: contract!?!?
Cue flashback of Ayrton being beat up by SEU kids they steal he?s wallet and Jess? contract
Ayrton: holy crap! ??? those kids have my shit!
Jess: huh? What kids? What shit!?
Ayrton umm got to go!
Runs past Reon and a midget the midgets having a smoke and is butt naked
Midget: don?t worry you?ll feel your legs in 2 hours.
End of scene
Scene 3
Travis and Michael walk up to one of the grannies
Travis: hey grannies wanna fight?????
Michael: umm I don?t think this is a good idea!
Travis: shut up Michael!!!!!
Granny elbows Travis he?s knocked unconscious the granny then goes after Michael
Michael: no please!!!!
10 seconds later Michael is strung above a fire like a pork roast
Zooms out zooms in to group in hospital Travis and Reon in beds
Doctor: your friend has suffered major head trauma and is in what we call a vegetable state these machines are keeping him alive.
Ayrton: Okay doc pull the plug.
Michael: yes kill that bitch!!!!!
Travis raises his middle finger
Doctor: weird he shouldn?t even be able move?!?!?
Jodie: umm doc if that?s what?s wrong with Travis what?s wrong with Reon?
Doctor: oh he said he was tired, needed to lie down.
Reon (talking in his sleep): no keep that goat away from me u stupid midget my ass hurts to much already!!!!
Group all stare at Reon
Doctor: that?s seriously fucked up!
End of scene

Scene 4
Jess and Ayrton standing in a room talking
Ayrton: good news jess I found those kids that stole my shit
Jess: kids??
Ayrton: for god sake jess weren?t u watching my flashback!!
Jess: ok, ok. So you get my contract back?
Ayrton: um not exactly
Jess: what!!!!!! Did you at least get your money back?
Ayrton: no not really.
Jess: then what happened?!?!?!
Cue flashback of Ayrton being beaten up by SEU kids?? again!
Jess: you are hopeless!
Ayrton: that?s what they tell me.
Jess: what who tells you?
Ayrton: the little leprechauns that tells me to burn stuff
Travis runs in covered in ash
Travis: anyone know why my beds on fire? , And my sofa? , And my dog? , And Reon?
Jess staring at Ayrton backs away slowly.
Zooms out zooms in on Deanna in full Rambo gear
Deanna: today I should be able to make it to the weather room before they get me.
Deanna crawls into a vent
3 minutes later security guards are hitting the vents with brooms
Deanna: mwhahah you will never catch me
Deanna gets stuck
Deanna: uh oh
Guards start bashing 1 spot on the vents, hear muffled screams of pain
End of scene

Scene 5
Opening credits play for the breakfast show. Reon and Travis (Travis still in a coma) sitting at a desk
Reon: welcome to the breakfast show I?m Reon and this is Travis say hi trav.
Travis still in a coma is all quiet
Reon: ok Travis u don?t have to be an asshole about it! , Jesus I just said say hi you anti social bastard!
Travis flat lines
Reon: umm is that supposed to happen??
It quickly changes to the sports no-ones there
Michael: hi jess isn?t here today so ill be filling in first up the broncos lost this is boring let?s talk about WOW!
Ayrton: oh god no!!
It changes to the weather just as Jodies about to speak Deanna falls on her.
Jodie: oh no you didn?t!
Epic matrix battle starts between Jodie and Deanna. Changes back to anchor room Travis being defibrillated Reon being tied down because he tried to steal the ambulance
Ayrton: go to an ad!
An ad for granny panties plays
Advertiser: granny panties you will look so good even I will want you!
Advertiser throws up and starts to cry
End of scene
Scene 6
It comes back to the anchor room Reon is tied up ? again and Travis is finally out of his coma
Travis: welcome back I?m Travis and I just came out of a coma, also I just ate some weird mushrooms! Now here is Jodie with the weather!
Goes to Deanna and Jodie hugging both drunk
Deanna (drunk): you know what?s cool about you Deanna?
Jodie (drunk): umm I think your Deanna?!?!?
Deanna (drunk): no way!
Jodie (drunk): you know what we should do?
Deanna (drunk): no what?
Jodie (drunk): we should sing!
Deanna (drunk): defiantly!
They both start singing I touch myself, it goes back to anchor room Travis sitting there naked freaked out.
Travis: freaks! Now here?s Reon with sex advice!
Goes to Reon still tied up
Reon: thanks Travis now the main goal in sex is to ?
Travis interrupts Reon he is still but naked
Travis: ohh that looks like all the time we have, so from all of us here have a good day and ?????..
Travis trails off
Travis: holy shit is that a unicorn?!?!?!?
End credits for the breakfast show play

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story thought up by reon written by travis

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 07/29/2010 - 19:19
OMG!!! love the episode! too bad u missed out the bit where michael's wow account gets deleted by the grannies and michael turns all emo and tells everyone bout wow. my young padawan is growing up too fast...
Submitted by IAmTheInsane (not verified) on Mon, 08/16/2010 - 09:06
if all pans out well, I'm hoping to start up a webshow with my siblings and I love how random this is! is it ok if I clean it up a bit to make it suitable for viewers? you know just the language and the naked bit. but nothing else. I'll be sure to give your lot credit tho
Submitted by travis on Tue, 08/17/2010 - 23:53
yeah happy for you to use it, i would love to see it made. and with the clean up go for it and as long as you give me and reon some credit fine for you to use it
Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on Wed, 09/15/2010 - 14:48
It got a little lame to the end but it was pretty freaking funneh :)
Submitted by Daniel (not verified) on Wed, 02/04/2015 - 19:23
can i please use this script for youtube I will be sure to give u credit

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