The Story of Funtasticvision2007

The Story of Funtasticvision2007

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In 2007 two guys and a dummie created a YouTube account and changed pop culture! John, Steve, and Kenny! This is their story!

In August of 2007 an account was made, Funtasticvision2007, that changed YouTube.

The first video released was the buying of legendary dummie Kenny.

John and Steve had went to a in town flea market tapeing what they would find, nothing would make big they thought, until they saw Kenny.

That video wasnt very successful until the three began their video series, Just The Three of Us.

This series began toward the end of August when the John and Steve had throne Kenny of rooftop onto a trampoline causing him to bounce off into an arranged set of trash cans.

This was YouTube gold.

This series went on until Kenny took a turn for the worst in March of 2008 when a life changing stunt was filmed.

John and Steve had made a gasoline slip and slide, and lit it on fire haveing Kenny slide through it.

Steve had a fire extuingisher on the end to blow the fire off of Kenny.

Unfortunately Kenny had stopped sliding half way through. He had hit a rut in the slide and was hospitalized with a broken neck, and 3rd degree burns.

Kenny was back to normal in May, but he didnt continue with John and Steve.

John and Steve was interviewed in June, and they said "Even though he was a dummie, he felt pain and emotion, and we went too far".

Kenny was out, but John and Steve wasnt. They searched throughout the internet...


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This isnt my best, but I want to see how it goes and Ill keep posting more follow ups. If I dont get much, Ill do my better styles.

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