The secret circle of the nightlife

The secret circle of the nightlife

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The secret circle of the nightlife The story begins in the early 2012 in Chicago where Giovanni De Moreno and Emporio Angelico where best friends in crime. They decided to take a heist and live their rest of their lives different from what it was before. On June 12 2012 they decided to plan a robbery of a bank taking place during the night they sneaked in from the roof where Giovanni hacked the alarm for a small limited time and tried to hold the police off while Emporio rappels down, opens the vault and take the money. Things were going fine until they were escaping and the getaway driver didn't show up and Giovanni was sniped by a riot man and Emporio had to leave without him before the police has surrounded the bank. Giovanni last words were telling Emporio to take care of Francisca who was Giovanni's girlfriend.

Scene 1- Mission impossible

(Repelling down the bank's roof top from a higher building next to it)

Giovanni: Alright let's go we have 2 minutes to hack threw the alarm system. when I hack it you will drill a big hole here and you should be able to go down to the vault. ok we are good to go system hacked.

Emporio: Alright moving boss.(Repels down) ok I'm down. I'm going to blow up the vault door. 3.2.1(Boom the vault's door is open,the alarm went off)

Giovanni: Shit shit!!!!! Let's go come on Emporio start filling the money in these bags while I hold the police off. come on man!!!

Emporio: Woooo a lot of cash boss I really hope we get out of this one and not end up under the hands of these cops.Annnnd done all full of cash.

(Giovanni took care of the heat and they had to get away.But the getaway driver went missing.)

Giovanni: Alright we are all clear let's go. Where the hell is the getaway driver!!!! we need to get the hell out of here (Giovanni suddenly shot by police sniper) Fuck Fuck I'm shot go Emporio go.

Emporio: Alright Alright

Giovanni: One last word Friend take care of my girlfriend Francisca tell her that I love her. Now go (Police sirens heard and Emporio took off)

( Two days after the funeral began.People were crying they were all standing next to Giovanni's tomb )

Priest: Let us pray for Giovanni de moreno May his soul rest in peace in the heavens above.

Emporio: (While hugging Francisca) I'm sorry he loved you more than anything in this world. Goodbye friend I will never forget you ( Francisca crying)

Francisca: It is not your fault you weren't with him. His time has come just like ours will one day. I love you Giovanni. Goodbye love (Crying! people leaving with sadness)

( People paying respect while leaving)

Scene 2- Emporio's safe house

( Because of the heist the cash was flowing with Emporio but his life of crime has ended for a while)

Emporio: (On the phone near the pool) Heyyyyy Francisca this is Emporio how's everything going?

Francisca: Still trying to get over Giovanni's death (Crying) can't believe he's gone yesterday I was just right between his arms.

Emporio: (Sighs) I know may he rest in peace he was my blood brother I just can't believe he's gone away forever. Stupid fucking cops (Angry murmuring)

Francisca: What?

Emporio: Oh nothing nothing you know I really miss him life is boring without him

Francisca: (Trying to ignore the murmuring incident) so why did you call me?

Emporio: Oh just to check on you. Anyhow I was wondering if we can meet up at a cafe so we can talk.

Francisca: Sounds good to me,friday works?

Emporio: Friday works for me. ok see ya then

Francisca: Yes thank you for the call it was nice hearing from you bye now .

Emporio: Yessss anytime bye.(Hangs up the phone pours a glass of whiskey) (While drinking and sitting on the porch in the late afternoon watching the sunset) I miss you brother why did you have to leave I feel guilty for running and leaving you behind. Sometimes I wish I was dead instead (Sighs)

Scene 3- the cafe

(Emporio walking in the cafe looking for Francisca)

Francisca: Emporio!!! right here (Gives him a hug) it's really good to see you again. how have you been doing?

Emporio: It's good to see you too. Come on let's have a seat (Both took a seat) ( started to talk.)

( waitress comes to the table)

Waitress : hiiii guysss what would you like to drink ?

Emporio: uuuummm two coffee please half and half.

Waitress: ok is that all?

Emporio: yes.

Waiter:are you sure?

Emporio:yeah im sure!

Waiter: no but like are you sure??

Emporio:hey guuyyy beat it come on go.

Waiter: But are you sure?

Emporio: gooooooo awayyyyyy!!!!!!

( Waiter went to do his job)

Emporio: (Talking to francesca) So what are you up too these days?

Francisca: You know just work I'm trying to go to cosmetology school and get a degree that's about all, how about you?

(Waiter brings the coffee.and put it on the table)

Emporio: At the moment I'm trying to find a new job cause I quit my last one.

(A sound heard from the outside" please don't hurt me" have nothing to do with what you are talking about Emporio runs out and gets rid of the person that is trying to kill the other one which was Gay luiz)

Gay luiz: Thank you so much I could've just died right in this second I owe you back.What's your name?

Emporio: Hey I'm Emporio nice to meet you and you are?

Gay luiz: I'm Luiz Bonatelli but you can call me Gay luiz that's what everyone calls me in this city here's my business card,let me see you down at le blanc rouge club.

Emporio: Oh hey I heard of this nightclub it is very popular around here.hey I guess I have to go now it was a pleasure to meet you maybe I'll hit you up sometime.

Gay luiz: It was a pleasure to meet you too make sure you attend this saturday night at the club free shots till twelve you don't want to miss it ( with sarcasm) bye now

(Emporio goes back to Francisca while Gay luiz takes off with his driver)

Francisca: Hey who was that?

Emporio: It was a guy named Gay luiz he's pretty cool

Francisca: Oh Gay luiz the club owner, yes he's popular around here

Emporio: Yeah I guess so.hey I have to go now I have some business to take care of.Oh by the way Gay luiz invited me to this saturday party at his club i would love for you to come with

Francisca: Yes sure I'll see you then bye (goodbye hug)

End of act 1

Act 2 scene 4 The blanc rouge turn up

Saturday night at 10pm Emporio picked up Francisca from her house and they head to the club. The place was crowded with party people, music playing at loud. The DJ was trying to keep the party hot. Emporio and Francesca were in the party mood already but they were trying to find Gay luiz.)

Emporio: Maaaaaannnnn Gay luiz knows how to keep the party going

Francisca: Heyyyyy I love this song. come on let's dance

(While dancing)

Emporio: I... love...this... club damn girl you can dance

Francisca: I loooooooove to dance I haven't done it in a long long time

Emporio: You still got the skills though

( A bouncer came up all the sudden and asked them to follow him to the VIP room. they saw Gay luiz)

Gay luiz: My maaaaannnnnnnnnn you looking fiiiiiinnnnnnne. oh wait a second who is this beauty

Emporio: It's good to see you. this is my date Francisca

Gay luiz: Well how do you do?

Francisca: Hi there oh my god it is a honor to meet you face to face

Gay luiz: Well now you have girl. okay enough talk now let's get this party started. Hey bouncer get th

e champagne bottles

Emporio: I am lovinnnnnnnnnng this club not as much as I love you though

Gay luiz : Oh stop it you're making me blush

( The bouncer brings the champagne)

Gay luiz: Where... is....the... jager. You go get 3 bottles of jager and couple of shot cups. Soooooo Francisca how did you meet this handsome man?

Francisca: He is a close friend and now I guess we're dating

Gay luiz: Oh so you're stealing him from me right right?Francisca: ( Laughing) I'm going to assume that the answer is yes

Gay luiz: Well I have something to tell you Emporio. I have a club manager position open just for you. Would you accept it?

Emporio: You know what I am taking the job Gay Luiz

Gay luiz: (Pours the jager into the shot cups) This toast is for our manager Emporio

(They make a toast)

End of scene 4

Scene 5 first day on the job

(10pm at night Emporio head out to the club start's is first day of work)

Bouncer: Hey boss welcome to the club I'm Mascoli El Melara you must be Emporio. Well I'm your bouncer any problem I the club i'll take care of it I keep this place safe and going you know what I'm sayin

Emporio: Oh alright then keep the good work (Emporio went to the office Suddenly the phone rings)

Gay luiz: Hey it's me I need you to come over my place as soon as possible I have a job for you

( Emporio heads out to Gay luiz's crib)

Emporio: What's up chief

Gay luiz: Come on in come on in. Alright there is a reporter downtown who has been putting roomers in the news about me and the club who can really affect the business . I need you to go with me and make him pay for his mistake

Emporio: That's it? too easy

Gay luiz: Ok Let's go

(Both went to the place that the reporter was in. Emporio kidnapped him took him to the top of the building tied him up to the corner and hanged him upside down)

Emporio: Hey how do you like messing with my boss and talking shit about our club

Reporter: Please don't kill me please please please please

Emporio: How about you unfuck yourself and put something good about our club and maybe just maybe I will let you survive

reporter: Yes I'll do anything you want just please don't kill me

(Emporio pulled him back out and let's him go)

(Scene Ended)

scene 6-the night empire

(Gay luiz and Emporio had problems with another club that opened close to there's and they had to take care of the owner before it gains popularity and affects the blanc rouge club.)

Gay luiz: Ok sexy boy your time has come you go in there club and steel the owner's wife with your sexiness and will start putting these cheap alcohol in the basement of the club this way the bartenders will start serving them. hahahaha it's vinegar and and sugar. oh man I am mean.

Emporio: What about the bouncers? they will beat the shit out of you.

Gay luiz: That is why you are going to steal the owner's wife's heart that way the bouncers will keep their attention on you be careful don't go too far with her.

Emporio : Ok let's do this. I got this. sexy, sexy, sexy.

Emporio (Dancing and party mood talking to girls): oh hey cutie.alright girl you move these hips.(sees the wife)oh hello there plz let me invite you for a drink

(The wife agreed so they went to the counter and chated)

(Gay Luiz dressed up as a bartender and entered from the back door which led to the basement and started to switch the good booze with the fake ones while loading the good ones in his truck )

Gay luiz: Ok ok i'm in the basement come on Gay Luiz you are doing this for your own good.Oh man these are heavy as shit I just had to be gay I could've made emporio do this work.( Gay luiz get the job done and called emporio)

Emporio: Hello!!!!

Gay luiz: Hey get out we are good.

Emporio: (Kind of drunk) oh youuuuuu I love youuuuuuu

Gay luiz: I love you too but come on let's go

Emporio: No you have no idea how muchhhh I love you omg omg

Gay luiz: Okayyyyy? come on now let's go meet me at the truck and I will get you some ice cream.

Emporio: (Excitedly hyper, happy, and at the same time drunk) yesssss I love ice cream ok coming. (hangs up) well excuse me mrs mrs.... ummmmmm ok I have to go bye.

( both exited the club and they were gone)

scene 7-the mystical death

Around 8 pm Emporio was sitting in his office in the club and all of the sudden a phone rings

Emporio: Hello who is it

Anonymous manly voice: (scary voice) you fucked with the wrong people hahahahaahaha

Emporio: ohhhhh scary really my grandma can do a scarier voice than that while she is in her coffin.
Anonymous manly voice: Hahahaha oh well she is not the only one in a coffin now.

Emporio: Okay I don't really get your message I'm italian please clear your english a little

Anonymous manly voice: ok let's just say that you and your friend ruined my boss's business and a little accident happened to your little girlfriend francesca and she is bye bye now.

Emporio: you mother ffffuuuu......

Anonymous manly voice: Well for the next time you should think about the consequences that you will have while working for that gay guy.( phone hangs up)

Emporio: Gay luiz you you are dead. ( Gay Luiz showed up in Emporio's office for a new task)

Gay luiz: Ok I have a new task for you, you need to.....( before finishing emporio aims a pistol at Gay Luiz's head)

Emporio: My last task is now and you are it

Gay luiz: (scared) no don't shoot me.please explain what I did

Emporio: Oh yeah well how about francesca.

Gay luiz:

What about her she is pretty.

Emporio: Oh pretty is not the word how about dead you mother fuckkkkerrrrr. (Emporio close to pressing the trigger.) I loved her and because of you she is dead now it is your turn

Gay Luiz: (With a different manly voice and character)you never loved her more than me.and if you press this trigger another loved one will go by accident because of you.

Emporio: (A bit concerned) oh oh loved one you know what give me one reason of why I should not kill you.

Gay luiz: (Takes off a skin mask off his face and turns out to be Giovanni) hello old friend.

Emporio: (Shocked to the extreme)(choking from what he sees and a bit silent) Giovvvvannni!!!!!!!

(End of play)

Gay luiz and Emporio went on a job. The job was to highly sabotage the other club that was affecting their nightlife business were gay luiz and emporio went into the club changed the alcohol beverages into vinegar and Emporio hit on the owner's wife. But little did they know that the owner hired a hitman that killed Emporio's girlfriend Francesca who was Giovanni's love before he died. But the shocking finale was that Emporio blamed her death on Gay luiz and wanted to kill him until Gay luiz revealed himself to be Giovanni


Giovanni De Moreno

Emporio Angelico

Francesca Camerota



Anonymous manly voice




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