Teen Trouble: Episode 5: Dreamworld

Teen Trouble: Episode 5: Dreamworld

(10-30m)   by rrobi3

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Episode 5: Season Finale

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Show starts with Reon, Michael and Travis talking to each other at school.

Travis: Finally, it?s the end of Grade 9! Only 3 more years of school!

Michael: Grade 9! Oh shit!

Reon: What?s wrong Michael? Can?t count up to 9?

Michael: I?m still stuck in grade 1!

Travis: What the fuck? Why are you still in Grade 1?

Michael: Well, I...Um...Shutup!

Reon and Travis start laughing.

Michael: Shutup! Reon?s still in prep!

Everyone stops laughing.

Reon: You gotta give me the ten bucks back now.

Michael: Ohhh. I already spent it.

Travis: On what?

Michael: Um...World of Warcraft.

Reon: You spent MY money on that stupid game?

Michael: But it?s so cool! I?m a level 72 Orc that can do fireball spell and he knows how to do archery!

Reon and Travis look at each other.

Scene changes to Ayrton, Jodie and Deanna walking to the Travis and Michael.

Ayrton: So yeah, I tackled him onto the ground. I passed the ball to Alex. I then ran in front of Alex, ready to catch the ball. He chucked me the ball as he was about to get tackled. I caught the ball and scored a try. And the crowd went wild!

Ayrton puffs out his chest.

Ayrton: We won, thanks to a little somethin somethin. Me.

Deanna: Yeah right you played a football game and won. You can?t even tackle that scarecrow at tryouts, remember?

Scene changes to a flashback. The coach and the football players are standing near a scarecrow.

Coach: Now I want you to show me how you tackle by tackling this scarecrow for me.

Ayrton runs at the scarecrow. He leaps in the air, and hits the ground. He turns to the left, to see the scarecrow 10 metres away from him.

End of flashback. Scene changes back to the school.

Ayrton: Fuck you.

The others walk over to Travis and Reon.

Ayrton: Where?s Michael?
Reon and Travis turn around and point to a rubbish bin. Michael?s legs are kicking out of the top.

Jodie: Why?d you do that?

Travis: He started to talk about World of Warcraft.

Reon: Hey Ayrton. Can I have your lunch.

Ayrton: Sure. Why?

Reon takes Ayrton?s lunch and goes over to the garbage bin with Michael in it. Reon pulls Michael?s head out.

Michael: Thank you Reon! I?ll pay you the ten bucks!

Reon shoves Ayrton?s lunch into Michael?s face. Then Reon puts him upside down in the bin again.

Reon: Done.

Travis: Hey! Did you read the newsletter! We?re going to Dreamworld!

Jodie: Oh my god! Really!

Ayrton walks over to Reon next to the bin.

Michael (from bin): But I?m allergic to Jam!

Reon: I said shutup!

Ayrton: Hey Reon! I?m running out of ideas! Deanna keeps messing me up!

Reon: Have you told her about the football match?

Ayrton: Yes, but Deanna told Jodie about the scarecrow thing!

Reon: Shit! Our best friend is our greatest enemy!

Reon does the death stare at Deanna.

Ayrton: I think she might be dumping me!

Reon: She won?t!

Ayrton: Why?

Reon: Because you?re a secret agent from MI6 called James Bond!

Ayrton: And you think that?s going to work?

Michael: It worked for me! I told a girl I was James Bond and she started dry humping me!

Reon: No Michael! She was wrestling you. We went to this WWE wrestling thing and Michael ran up onto the stage and told a wrestler that he was James Bond, and that he wanted to go out with her.

Michael: She did like me!

Reon: It was John Cena!

Michael: I think I?m gonna be sick!

Reon: I think Michael can come out now!

Reon gets Michael out of the bin.

Reon: Your last chance will be at Dreamworld! And if you follow my instructions carefully, you will succeed!
Ayrton: Your help got me into this mess. You said to join the football team, become a singer, go on Australia?s Got Talent, and run around the school naked! I think you?re making this worse! I don?t need your help!

Reon: okay! Your loss!

Ayrton walks away.

Michael: Did you know Orcs have a healing ability?

Reon: Get back in the bin

Michael: Okay.

Michael gets back in the bin.

Scene changes to a bus of kids going to Dreamworld. Among them are Reon, Travis, Michael, Ayrton, Jodie and Deanna. Reon and Michael are sitting up the front, with Michael tied up with sticky tape over his mouth. Travis and Deanna are behind them, and Deanna singing as loud as she can, and Travis is banging his head on the window. And on the other side, Jodie and Ayrton.

Reon: Dreamworld at last! My chance to get a girlfriend!

Hear muffled talking from Michael.

Reon: (sigh) If I take off the sticky tape, will you stop talking about World of Warcraft?

Michael nods. Reon rips off the sticky tape. Michael screams. A teacher runs down the bus to them.

Teacher: What happened? Why is Michael screaming?

Michael has his head in his hands and crying.

Reon: He... Got hit by Travis!

The teacher turns to Travis, sitting next to Deanna, who is singing and swinging her arms around.

Teacher: Travis! Did you...

Deanna accidentally smacks the teacher in the head while swinging her arms around. She gasps.

Deanna: Oh shit!

Teacher gets up off the ground.

Teacher: Did you swear?

Deanna: No... It was Ayrton!

The teacher walks over to Ayrton. Ayrton is pashing Jodie. The teacher clears his throat. Ayrton turns around. He has a big boner that pushes the teacher out the window.

Ayrton: I?m sure somebody just touched me. Hey sir!

Ayrton gets up and looks around the bus. His boner starts disappearing.

Ayrton: Where?s sir?

Jodie: No idea!

Ayrton: Oh well!

Ayrton sits down and puts his arm around Jodie.

Change camera back to Michael and Reon.

Reon: This show is just getting weirder.

Michael: Ha! There was this funny glitch on World of...

Reon is staring at Michael with the death stare.

Michael: I?ll go and attach my self to the top of the bus this time.

Michael gets up with his head low and climbs up to the top of the bus. Then a really ugly girl sits next to Reon.

Ugly Girl: Hi!

Reon: Um... Hello?

The Ugly Girl starts smiling.

Ugly Girl: How are you?

Reon: Good?

Ugly Girl: Same! So you have a girlfriend?

Reon: Um... Is this a trick question?

Ugly Girl: Do you have a girlfriend?

Reon: No sorry. And if I did, I would be afraid to let her near you.

Ugly Girl: So... Would you like to go out with me?

Reon: I?d rather not.

Ugly Girl (screaming): You?re breaking up with me?

Reon: I didn?t say that!

Ugly Girl (screaming): No! I don?t want to have sex with you! You can?t just break up with me and demand sex!

Ugly Girl starts crying. She then gets up and runs to the back of the bus. Everyone is staring at Reon. They all have the death stare.

Reon: That girl?s good.

Camera cuts to Deanna and Travis. Deanna is singing still. Travis is holding his legs and rocking. He has bags under his eyes.

Travis: When will it end!

Deanna stops singing and looks down at her Ipod.

Deanna: That?s weird. The batteries ran out!

Travis: I wonder why!

Deanna: Now I guess I gotta talk to Travis for the rest of the trip!

Michael smashes into Travis?s window. His face is squashed up on the window.

Travis: Holy shit!

Michael: Help me.

Michael slides down the window slowly, until he disappears.

Travis: Was that Michael?

Deanna: No.

Travis: Okay then. So... How are you?

Deanna: Good. And you?

Travis: I?m okay, I guess.

Ayrton walks up the bus and stops next to them.

Ayrton: What?s cracking, crackers?

Deanna: Ayrton! I probably shouldn?t say this, but...

She turns to Travis. He is listening with his head right between them.

Travis: Why?d you stop?

Deanna growls and gives Travis the death stare. Travis whimpers and runs down the bus.

Deanna: As I was saying, I probably shouldn?t say this, but Jodie is thinking of dumping you.

Ayrton: Why?

Deanna: You can?t be serious!

Ayrton: I seriously don?t know why she would dump me.

Deanna: Are you that thick?

Ayrton is too busy touching the light. He keeps turning it on and off, and laughing.
Ayrton: This is so cool! Wait, what was the question?

Deanna: (sighs) Doesn?t matter! Just, you gotta try and be yourself or your gonna lose her.

Ayrton: Lose who?

Deanna: Jodie!

Ayrton: Why am I gonna lose Jodie?

Deanna sighs and starts hitting her head on the window. Ayrton starts playing with light again, and laughing.

Camera cuts to Travis running to sit next to Reon. He sits next to Reon. Reon is asleep.

Reon (sleep talking): No you won?t! I checked with the doctor. I?m AID free baby. I?d rather not have sex with your mother. Wow. Your mum?s really hot. Come here baby.

Reon starts sleep humping air. Travis clears his throat. Reon jumps up, awake.

Reon: I?m awake now! What did I miss?

Travis: Well, I think Michael just fell off the bus, and Deanna scared me away so I came next to you. And then you were asleep and sleep talking about someone?s mum...

Reon: I think I?ve heard enough.

Reon sees Jodie alone.

Reon: I need to ask Jodie something... I?ll be back!

Reon runs off.
Camera cuts to Jodie sitting alone. Reon sits next to her.

Reon: So how?s the bitch from hell?

Jodie punches Reon in the face. Reon falls off the chair. He gets up and sits back down.

Reon: Um... So how are you and Ayrton going?

Jodie: Good. Good. I?ve got something to tell you. And you can?t tell Ayrton.

Reon: okay.

The camera slowly zooms in on Jodie while she is speaking.

Jodie: This is really going to be hard on Ayrton. I wish I didn?t have to do this... He?s been so nice to me. Except that he won?t shut up about him being a football player. And he keeps trying to impress. Me. He became a singer, and everyone hated him so much that Angus young chased him out with his guitar. Then, he went on Australia?s Got Talent, and even Danni Minogue hated Ayrton. Then, for some reason, he ran around the school naked. He tried to impress me with a pinner!

Jodie starts crying. Can hear Reon snoring. Camera zooms out again to show Reon asleep.

Jodie: Reon? REON!

Reon (sleep talking): Yes, your grandma is one saucy bitch! Can I rub some sunscreen on you? You need some, definitely in these areas. Yes. YES!

Reon wakes up. Jodie is staring at him.

Reon: Shit! I?ll just be going now.
Reon stands up. Ayrton is right next to him.

Ayrton: Calling my girlfriend a saucy bitch, eh?

Reon: No, it was the grandma!

Ayrton: You called Jodie?s grandma a saucy bitch! Come here!

Ayrton starts to run at Reon, but Michael crashes through one of the bus?s windows and squashes Ayrton.

Michael: I?ll shut up about World of Warcraft now!

Reon: Just in time Michael!

Michael gets up, and they walk back to their seats. Ayrton gets off the ground, and limps to his seat.

Camera cuts to the bus driver at the front.

Bus driver: What the hell are these kids doing? And where is that bloody teacher!

The teacher then crashes through the front bus window. He gets up, and scrapes all the glass off him.

Bus Driver: Holy shit!

Teacher: What?

Bus Driver: You destroyed Max?s window!

Teacher: Max? Is Max the bus?

The bus driver nods. He is crying.

Teacher: There?s Dreamworld up ahead.
Camera cuts to show the bus driving into the carpark.

Teacher (OOV): You can stop in that bus parking!

But the bus keeps driving. It crashes up the steps and stops next to a ticket booth. The lady inside the booth pokes her head out. The bus door opens and the teacher comes out.

Lady: Um... May I help you?

Teacher: Yes. We are the Cleveland High kids.

Lady: Oh. How many of you are there.

Teacher: About 20.

Lady: What. 20? Last year, there were 200!

Teacher: They don?t like our school very much.

Lady: I wonder why

She stares at the bus. The bus driver winks at her and smiles to show green and yellow teeth. The lady looks shot and reaches under the counter to pull out a shotgun. She is about to fire, when a kid accidentally steps in front of the bus driver. She accidentally shoots the kid.

Teacher: Holy shit! What did you do that for?

Lady: I?ll give you a discount?

Teacher: Fair enough. This never happened.

All the kids get off the bus and go into Dreamworld.

Camera cuts to all the kids listening to the teacher talking.
Teacher: Now people. We have to behave. The whole school will be based on what happens here today. That means no hitting on Dora the Explorer, Reon! No attaching Reon to the back of the Tower of Terror, Ayrton! No putting yourself on fire and having to strip down, Michael!

Michael: Bu that was Travis!

Teacher: No buts! Now go off and have fun and be safe and... Where?d everyone go?

The camera shows that all the kids have left.

Camera cuts to Reon, Michael, Travis, Ayrton, Deanna and Jodie walking.

Deanna: What rides first?

Jodie: Let?s go on the Cyclone!

The girls run off.

Reon: Oi Ayrton! Jodie told me your relationship was going down hill.

Ayrton: Yeah! What do you care!

Ayrton?s eyes widen.

Ayrton: NO!

Reon: Come on! With Travis, Michael, and me nothing will go wrong!

Ayrton: No way!

Reon: Please!
Reon puts on his puppy dogface. But it looks all retarded. Ayrton steps back and bumps into a hot girl.

Ayrton: Oh. Sorry about that!

Hot girl: No, don?t worry...

She stops when she sees Reon doing his puppy dog face. She has a disgusted look and walks away. Reon stops his puppy dogface.

Reon: I seriously have to stop doing that. Anyway, what if we run them by you! We will find a solution for you! I will not fail my friend!

Ayrton: I guess it?s okay.

Reon: Excellent! Now I will think about this while I...

Reon sees a hot girl and walks over to her. He?s talking to her. She slaps him. Reon comes back over to Ayrton.

Reon: That never works.

Ayrton: Just out of curiosity, is that her boyfriend?

Camera shows the hot girl talking to a huge teenage football player. She points over to Reon. Then the football player yells and the rest of the football players follow him as he walks over to Reon.

Reon: I think I?ll be going now!

Reon turns and runs. The football players run past Ayrton and after Reon. Travis and Michael join Ayrton.

Ayrton: Where have you guys been?
Michael: Travis met this hot chick... But he?s too afraid to talk to her.

Travis: I am not afraid! I can talk to girls! What would you know?

Michael: She?s coming back!

Travis: Oh shit! Hide me!

Travis jumps on the floor.

Michael: Jokes!

Michael then falls over.

Camera cuts to Jodie and Deanna talking at a table.

Deanna: Just do what?s right!

Jodie: But Ayrton?s been so nice! And I don?t want him to be hurt anymore than he has been!

Deanna: Just think that he?s a big bastard when you do it.

Jodie nods her head.

Jodie: Do what?s right.

A tear falls from her eye. Reon then falls on the table.

Jodie: Holy shit!

Deanna: It?s a rapist!

Deanna starts bashing up Reon.

Reon: It?s me, Reon!

But Deanna doesn?t stop bashing Reon. Finally, she stops and sits back down. Reon gets up. He has cuts and bruises everywhere.

Deanna: Oh. It?s you Reon!

Reon: Didn?t you hear me say ?It?s me, Reon!?

Deanna: There could be thousands of rapists called Reon!

Reon: That hurt.

Deanna: Sorry!

Reon: Listen. Have you seen any football players running around?

Reon sees some football players about to tackle him. He jumps out of the way. They all jump and do a big heap on the ground.

Jodie: What about those guys?

Reon: Thanks Jodie!

Reon runs off. The football players all get up and start chasing him again.

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This was to be the season finale of Teen Trouble, except this Teen Trouble was set when they were still in high school. Like all my other work, this is unfortunately incomplete.

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