Common Slob

Common Slob

(10-30m)   by James Alex Gerard

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"Common Slob"
By James Alex Gerard


A silent short film -- yes, silent -- about average "days in the life" of a "Common Slob" (any one of us) in today's world of gadgetry, electronics, ever-advancing technology, "environmental stimulus," and of course interpersonal interaction.

The "Common Slob" is a male lead character. This work is a personal tribute to Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times," done with a contemporary, original and identifiable spin reflecting the things each and every one of us 'deals with" in our "normal existence." While times change, human nature, behaviors and reactions to such really don't, as this work illustrates.

Since strong visualizations are needed to honor the short film's subject, I opt for color film over black-and-white/grayscale. Dialogues and sounds are done per full-screen titles, mirroring techniques used in the early 20th-century works.


Comparison, along the lines of a Charlie Chaplin film.


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Author's Message

This is a vision I have for a contemporary, original spin on Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times." It is a hybrid work as a silent film using today's varied visualization techniques.

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