Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the Geek

(30-60m)   by nevaeh_michelle

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Beauty and the Geek The amazing love story about how a rich, popular, beautiful girl falls in love with a smart, socially awkward, outcast. Bella has to choose between her heart and her popularity

(At Northwestern Point High School in the hallway)

Bella- We have to win this next competition if we want any chance at the championship

Kelsey- I know right. Ooh look, here comes Lucas. Oh my gosh he is so cute!

Bella- Back off he?s mine

Kelsey- You can have any guy in this school and you?re hogging Lucas?

Bella- Exactly. Besides he wants me anyway

Lucas- Hey ladies

Bella- Hey Lucas

Kelsey- Hi (blushes)

Bella- Are you coming to our gymnastics competition next week?

Lucas- Why on earth will I go to a gymnastics competition?

Bella- Because I?ll be there idiot!

Lucas- Well I?m sold

Bella- See you there

Lucas- Yes you will

Kelsey- Bye baby!

Lucas- Bye ladies

Bella- Could you not look any more desperate?

Kelsey- I can?t help it if I?m easy

(Thomas passes by and awkwardly bumps into Bella)

Bella- Watch where you going you dweeb!

Thomas- So-rrrrr-y

Bella- You will be sorry. Don?t you know how to watch where you going?!

Thomas- (looks down sadly)

Bella- Go to class you nerd before I hurt you!

(Thomas runs)

Kelsey- Dang Bella, that was harsh

Bella- He?s used to it. Let?s go to class before Mrs. Pain in my neck give us a detention


(At Bella?s house)

Bella- Hey mom

Mrs. Meyer- How was school?

Bella- Lame as usual

Paris- Hey mom

Malia- Hey

Mrs. Meyer- Hey girls, What?s new with all of you?

Paris- I actually didn?t get kicked out of math today

Mrs. Meyer- Well that?s good

Malia- I finally passed a test in Spanish

Mrs. Meyer- That?s great honey. What about you Bella? Anything interesting?

Bella- Yeah I?m popular and have boys who worship me unlike Paris and Malia

Paris- No she didn?t

Malia- I?m sick of your arrogance

Bella- Oh stop it Malia. You?ve always been jealous of me

Malia- Ha! Please. You don?t even have the guts to be yourself! Too busy being what

everyone else wants you to be!

Bella- Spare me!

Mrs. Meyer- Enough! You are sisters and it?s about time you started acting like it

Malia- I don?t even know why you had that monster!

(starts up the stairs)

Bella- Yeah get upstairs and call your cheating boyfriend!

Malia- I really wish I wasn?t related to you!

Mrs. Meyer- Malia!

Paris- She?s right she?s impossible!

Bella- Boo hoo I really don?t give a s***

Mrs. Meyer- Hey! Watch your french young lady!

Paris- You need to send her to boot camp before she gives you and dad a heart attack

Bella- Okay this is boring me. I?m going upstairs to work on my gymnastics routine


Paris- I don?t know where she gets it

Mrs. Meyer- Paris, you?re the oldest. You need to find a way to get along with Bella. You

and Malia both

Paris- Why do you always take her side? Well, sorry I?m not like perfect Bella. Oh that?s

right she won 10 cheer competitions and competed on the elite gymnastic team since she

was 4 years old. Now we all have to kiss her a--!

Mrs. Meyer- (slaps Paris) How dare you speak that way to me?

Paris- Really? But when Bella speaks "french" all she gets is a warning. You?re no better

than the people at school (runs upstairs)

Mrs. Meyer- Young lady get back here!..Ugh, I need a drink!

(Mr. Meyer walks in the door)

Mr. Meyer- Hey honey (kisses Mrs. Meyer on the forehead) what?s for dinner

Mrs. Meyer- Teenage PMS!

Mr. Meyer- What?

Mrs. Meyer- Fix your own d--- dinner (goes up stairs)

Mr. Meyer- What did I do?

(At the gymnastics competition)

Joy- Go Bella! Whoo!

Mrs. Meyer- Come on Bella you can do it!

Announcer- Up next on floor 5 time elite gymnastics champion from Northwestern Point

High School Bella Meyer

Mr. Meyer- Go Bella!!

Malia- Break a leg! (whispers) literally

(Mrs. Meyer shoots her look, Paris laughs)

Lucas- Come on Bella!

(Bella does her routine, crowd cheers)

Announcer- Wow, that was great! Let?s see what the judges say?And her final score is

9.4 putting Northwestern Point in the lead

Bella (smiles at Lucas and waves at Mr. and Mrs. Meyer)

Mrs. Meyer- Good job, Bella!

Mr. Meyer- Yay Bella

(Joy stands up) That?s my girl!!

(Bella walks back over to her teammates and gets Hi- 5)

Kelsey- You were so awesome!

Bella- Kill the vault! If you don?t I?m going to kill you!

Announcer- Up next on Vault representing Northwestern Point High School is Kelsey

Tate If Northwestern Point comes out on top during this last round; they will qualify for

the championship

Joy- Go Kelsey! Whooo!

Bella- Good Luck!

(Kelsey winks at Bella)

Bella to Aiesha- She better not mess this up!

(Kelsey does her tricks on the vault)

Announcer- Wow! This could be it! Northwestern Point needs at least an 8.2 to beat

Cauliflower High School. Let?s see what the final score is going to be

Bella- If we don?t win this I?m going to be so mad at Kelsey

Aiesha- Relax. She did great!

Kiesha- I think we got this

Lola- Me too

Announcer- Kelsey Tate?s final score is.. 8.9! Northwestern Point is going to the


Bella- Yes!

(Kelsey runs over to greet her teammates and cheer for their victory. The crowd


Mrs. Meyer- Yay!

Paris- Go Northwestern Point!

Malia- Yes!

Joy- Whooo! We won!

Bella to Kelsey- Good job, Kelsey

(hugs Kelsey)

Kelsey- Thanks

(After gymnastics competition, Kelsey, Aiesha, Kiesha, Joy, and Lola are outside


Lucas- Good job, Bella you were amazing

Bella- I know. Aren?t you glad you came?

Lucas- Yes I am

Kelsey- Hey Lucas!

Lucas- Hey Kelsey

Kelsey- How did I do?

Lucas- You were?.good

Kelsey- (giggles) Thanks

Bella- Anyway so I?ll see you later

Lucas- Definitely (winks at Bella)..Bye Aiesha, Kiesha, Lola, Joy

Kelsey- Bye baby. Call me!

Lucas (laughs)- I?ll see you later Bella

Bella- Seriously, Kelsey. Lucas wants me , not you. No guy likes a girl drooling all over


(Kelsey frowns)

Aiesha- Maybe you should stop being so desperate

Joy- Yeah

Kiesha- It?s really pathetic

Lola- He?s obviously crazy about Bella

Bella- Face it, Kelsey. I?m prettier, more popular, smarter, and more talented. You just

need to stick to being my best friend

Lola- Yeah, you?ll never be like Bella

Kiesha- Do yourself a favor and back off Lucas

Kelsey- (sadly) Right

Aiesha- Well, here come our parents. See you guys later

Kiesha- Bye, come on Lola if you want a ride

Lola- See ya?ll tomorrow

Joy- I have to go too! You guys were amazing! Love you bye

Kelsey- Bye

Bella- Bye

Mrs. Meyer- There?s my superstar (hugs Bella)

Bella- Mom, not in public that?s embarrassing

Mrs. Meyer- Oh my bad. I keep forgetting. I?m so proud of you

Bella- Thanks

Mr. Meyer- You were amazing honey

Bella- Well you know me

Mrs. Meyer- You were wonderful too, Ms. Kelsey.

Kelsey- Thanks, Mrs. Meyer

Bella- Kelsey, you totally got lucky. You really need to work on your balance a little bit

more. Don?t worry I?ll help you.

Malia- I thought you were perfect Kelsey

Paris- Yeah me too

Kelsey- Thanks

Bella- Don?t listen to them they don?t have 5 gold medals

Mrs. Meyer- Well on that note let?s go. You were good Kelsey

Bella- Good is not good enough!

Malia- Ugh! Mom she?s so evil

Bella- I?m just being a good friend and friends are honest with each other. You

understand that right, Kelsey

Kelsey- Right

Mr. Meyer- Well let?s go celebrate! Come on

(The next day at Northwestern High School in class)

Mr. Pratt- So, class I expect you all to have a 5-page essay written by tomorrow. (He

looks up and sees Bella texting during class) Is that something you want to share with the

whole class Ms. Meyer?

Bella- You talking to me?

Mr. Pratt- Well I?m certainly not talking to Malia Meyer. She?s not the one with her

phone out during class

(Malia laughs)

Bella- Of course I don?t want to share

(Mr. Pratt walks toward Bella) Hand over the phone, Bella

Bella- No way

Mr. Pratt-Don?t make me kick you out of class

Bella- You wouldn?t do that to me now would you? (smiles at him)

Malia- Yes!

Mr. Pratt- Fine. Just put it up please!

Malia- What?!

(Bella gives Malia a look)

Malia- If I were texting. You would?ve took my phone!

Mr. Pratt- Well if you were as amazing as Bella perhaps I wouldn?t

Malia- What kind of s--- is that?

Mr.Pratt- Did you just say s--- in my class?

Bella- Yes she did

Mr.Pratt- Detention!

Malia- You can?t be serious

Mr.Pratt- Make that two, you want to go for three?

(Malia gives Bella an angry stare and Bella smiles)

Bella- Good job, Mr. Pratt

(bell rings)

Mr Pratt- Remember essays due tomorrow

Bella- Have fun in detention Malia!

Malia- F--- you1

(Bella laughs)

Kelsey- Hey Bella!


Lola- How was Mr. Pratt class?

Bella- Ugh! Lame

Kiesha- Really? That?s my favorite class

Joy- He?s so fine

Bella- I guess.

(Thomas passes by)

Bella-Hey Thomas, you want to do my 5 page essay it?s due tomorrow?

Thomas- Ummmmm. Sure

Bella- Thanks Einstein. Have it ready for me by tomorrow or else

Thomas- Okay

(Thomas walks off)

Bella- Ha! Nerd ..Take notes ladies.

Lola- Wow! You?re good

Bella- I know

Kiesha- You are so mean to him. I can?t believe he agreed to do your homework

Bella- Well, I?m Bella Lynn Meyer. How do you think I even pass my classes? You think

I?m going to do some work with a fresh manicure.

Lola- You are such a diva, Bella

Bella-I know

(Bella and her friends sees Malia?s boyfriend kissing another girl)

Joy- Oh my gosh! That two timer! You should tell Malia about this

Bella- For what? She wouldn?t believe me anyway. I tried telling her already.

Kelsey- In a malicious way

Bella- What difference does it make?

Kelsey- She?s your sister.

Bella- Don?t care. Look I got to go. See you guys later

(Bella walks off)

Aiesha- That girl has the coldest heart I ever seen

Kiesha- I know if you ever catch someone cheating on me, you better tell me

Aiesha- Oh girl, You don?t even have to worry

(Bella spots Lucas)

Bella- Hey Lucas, you want to give me a ride home?

Lucas- Sure

Bella- Thanks

Lucas- No problem

Bella- My girls are tripping

Lucas- Especially that Kelsey

Bella- Especially (laughs)

Lucas- Do you want to go out at 8 tomorrow

Bella- Sure

Lucas- Alright cool

(They get in his car and drive off

(Next day in Mrs Fisher?s class)

Kiesha- You know we?re getting our report cards today

Lola- I know, why you think I?m sweating

Bella- I don?t have anything to worry about. Mrs. Fisher always curve my grade to a B

Aiesha- Seriously, you are so lucky Bella

Kelsey- That?s not fair!

Bella- It is too! I?m captain of the cheer and gymnastic team. You all will lose without


Mrs. Fisher- I now will be announcing our top student with the highest GPA this 6 weeks

Bella- Einstein duh

(Kiesha, Lola, Aiesha, and Kelsey laugh)

Mrs. Fisher- Captain of debate, mathletes, and chess club, also member of student

council, student mentoring club, science club, and beta

Bella- What a nerd!

Aiesha- Can you say lame?

Kelsey- Lame!

(Aisha, Kiesha, Lola, and Bella look at Kelsey like she?s an idiot)

Mrs. Fisher- Once again, Thomas Einstein

Bella- Booo!

(Thomas gets his report card quietly and embarrrasingly)

Mrs. Fisher- I wouldn?t be shouting out comments if I were you Bella

Bella- What I didn?t get the honor roll this time? What did I make a C?

Mrs. Fisher- No try F!

Bella- What?!!! That?s impossible! I can?t make a F. I will be suspended from gymnastics

and cheer! We have that championship coming up and Northwestern Point won?t win

without me! Who would do that to me?

Mrs. Fisher- I would. Yeah, you?re finally getting the grade you deserve

Bella- Mrs. Fisher, please don?t do this

Mrs. Fisher- It?s done

Lola- Come on, at least give her a D

Kiesha- She?s our captain!

Kelsey- We need her!

Mrs. Fisher- I?m sorry ladies but Bella doesn?t get free passes from me anymore and

since you like to pick on Thomas, I?m signing you up for tutoring from him Mondays

through Fridays until you bring up your grade. If you do better before the championship,

I?ll talk to your coach about letting you compete

Bella- Ugh!!! You?re ruining my life! I don?t want tutoring from him

Mrs. Fisher- Then your F will remain

Lola- Bella you have to

Bella- Ugh! Fine.

Mrs. Fisher- Thomas, you be sure to tell me if Bella does not attend tutoring or doesn?t

do her work

Thomas- Yes ma?am

Mrs. Fisher- Be there starting after school today in the library

Bella- (sarcastically) Can?t wait

Bella- Mom I?m going to be a little late I have tutoring?Whenever I get there!..Bye!

(Walks in library)

Thomas- Hey Bella (holds out hand but Bella ignores it)

Bella- Let?s hurry up and get this lame session over with so I can get out of here.

Thomas- Okay we?re going to learn about the quadratic formula

Bella- The what?

Thomas- I?ll show you.

Bella- (laughs) No, let me show you how this is going to work. I show up, you do the

work and then tell Mrs. Fisher that I did it. Then, I?ll get a good grade and compete in the

championship! Okay!!

Thomas- No, Mrs. Fisher said

Bella- I don?t care what Mrs. Fisher said! I say do my work! Understand!

Thomas- Yes ma?am! I mean Bella.

Bella- Now, I?m out of here. Remember don?t tell Mrs. Fisher.

(Next day in Mrs. Fisher?s class)

Mrs Fisher- Bella, how is tutoring coming along

Bella- Good

Mrs. Fisher- Thomas is she showing up and doing her work

Thomas- Ummm (looks at Bella and she gives him an evil look) Yes ma?am

Mrs. Fisher- Good job, Bella keep up the good work

(bell rings)

Kelsey- You?re getting Thomas to do your work for you. Aren?t you?

Bella- Duh!

Kelsey- Bella I don?t think that?s right

Bella- You want me to get a good grade and compete don?t you?

Kelsey- Yes but?

Bella- But what! You?re my best friend remember. What?s wrong with you? I have

tutoring bye

(In the library after school)

Bella- Good job, covering for me dweeb. So, I?m about to leave so, make sure you tell

Mrs. Fisher I was here and that I actually did my work again, okay?

Thomas- No!

Bella- Excuse me! You better or else I?ll

Thomas- Hit me! Go ahead. I don?t care anymore. I?m tired of being bullied and mistreated by you. Now you are going to sit down and pay attention and stay until we?re finished or else I will tell Mrs. Fisher and then you will not be able to compete in the championship!

Bella- Okay, fine I?ll stay (she sits down)

Thomas- Okay turn your book to page 190. We?re learning about algebraic expressions today?

Bella- What?

Thomas- Is there anything in that big head of yours or is it just air?

Bella- Why are you so into school and math? Don?t you have a social life

Thomas- No

Bella- Oh my gosh you?re like the lamest nerd ever (begins texting on her phone)

Thomas- I think the agreement was that you pay attention

Bella- Okay fine! Ugh! Let?s learn about alligator expressions

Thomas- It?s algebraic expressions

Bella- Whatever!

Thomas- Why are you such a *****

Bella- Excuse me!

Thomas- I?m trying to help you out and you?ve been rude to me the whole time

Bella- Look here. You are two seconds from getting hurt. I?m here aint I. Look just do the work for me that?s the only way we gone get through this

Thomas- I said no!

Bella- Your pants must be so tight that it?s interfering with your hearing! Do the work and I?m going to text my friends something you don?t have

Thomas- Well. Looks like somebody isn?t going to compete in the championship

Bella- Ugh! Okay. (opens her book to page 190)

Thomas- Okay, now tell me what you don?t understand and I?ll help you

Bella- All of it!

Thomas- This is going to be a long session

Bella- Well?.How about you come sit next to me?

Thomas- Ummm why

Bella- I learn better that way

Thomas- Ummmm are you going to hit me

Bella- (laughs) No, I just want to learn alligator expressions

Thomas- It?s algebraic expressions

Bella (laughs) Oh yeah that?s right (she smiles at Thomas) Come on sit next to me

(Thomas sit next to her) How did you get so smart?

Thomas- I?ve always been smart. I?ve always studied and worked hard

Bella- Do you ever go out like on dates and stuff?

Thomas- Why do you care? We?re suppose to be talking about math.

Bella- (smiles at him) So you don?t go on dates huh

Thomas- No. Nobody wants to date the lamest nerd ever

(Bella laughs)

(This scene ends with Thomas teaching Bella the lesson and the two seem to end up having conversation and laughing.)

(Next day in the hallway)

Joy- How is tutoring going?

Kelsey- It?s not tutoring if Thomas is doing all of her work

Joy- Wow, you?re good

Bella- I know. Looks like I?m going to compete in the competition

(Lucas walks over)

Lucas- Hey Bella, What happened with our date yesterday night? I came by and you weren?t even at home

Bella- I was still at tutoring. Sorry

Lucas- At 8 o?clock

Bella- Yes

Lucas- You don?t have to lie. If you didn?t want to go out that?s all you have to say.

Kelsey- I?ll go out with you

Lucas- Bye ladies

Kelsey- Dang he?s still playing hard to get!

Joy- You stood Lucas up?

Bella- No, I was really still at tutoring

Joy- Girl please. You don?t have to lie to me. You had to have been with someone else?

Kelsey- Who was it?

(Thomas passes by and smiles at Bella)

Bella- Ummm, I have to go

(Bella leaves)

Kiesha- Better not be my man

Aiesha- Okay!

(After school in the library)

Bella- Hey

Thomas- Hey

Bella- So, what are we learning today

Thomas- Wow, Look who is interested in math

Bella- Well, it?s not as lame as I thought it was

Thomas- I was thinking imaginary numbers

Bella- There?s imaginary numbers? If it?s imaginary why do we have to learn about them

Thomas- That?s the beauty of math

Bella- (laughs) Okay

Thomas- Well turn to page 306.

Bella- You know you would be a lot cuter if you dressed better

Thomas- Sorry, you find my style disgraceful

Bella- No, I didn?t mean it like that.. I?m sorry

Thomas- It?s okay let?s just talk about math please

Bella- Have you ever had a girlfriend?

Thomas- Once

Bella- What happened?

Thomas- She broke up with me for a guy on the soccer team. He was more popular and more fun than I was and he looked way better

Bella- Hmmmm. What was her name?

Thomas- Julia.

Bella- Did you love her?

Thomas- Very much. She was the only girl I ever loved but she broke my heart.

Bella- I?m sorry to hear that

Thomas- It?s okay that was 5 years ago

Bella- You haven?t had a girlfriend in 5 years?!

Thomas- Nope I cut off dating and now I?m married to my books

Bella- Wow?. I?m not sure if I ever really loved someone

Thomas- Can we please talk about math?

Bella- Just tell me how did you know you really loved Julia?

Thomas- I just did, when you know, you know. You just get that strong feeling

Bella- I feel like I have to love the most popular guy in school you know. I don?t loveLucas, he?s not even my type. He?s so shallow. The way he treats Kelsey is just wrong and she really likes him.

Thomas- Then why are you dating him then, Isn?t Kelsey your best friend that?s not fair to her and since you don?t really want to be with him that?s not fair to you or Lucas either

Bella- See you?re so smart. You think about things like an adult

Thomas- Well, if I?m going to be a doctor I have to be brilliant. But you don?t have to date the most popular guy in school if you don?t want to, you?ll never really be happy

Bella- I don?t think I deserve to be happy

Thomas- Everyone deserves to be happy

Bella- Not me. I?m so mean

Thomas- Well if you don?t like the person that you are then you can always change how you treat others. Now are we going to talk about math or am I going to have to start charging you for my advice

Bella- How much you want?

Thomas- Naw, that?s okay I was just kidding

Bella- Why are you so nice to me? I?ve always been mean to you

Thomas- I guess that?s just my personality

Bella- I think that?s kind of?

Thomas- I know. Lame

Bella- No, sweet

(Thomas smiles)

Thomas- Let?s talk about imaginary numbers now before we be here to eight o?clock again

Bella- I don?t care. Is that a problem?

Thomas- No I guess not

(Thomas and Bella enjoy conversation and laugh and talk)

(At Bella?s house after tutoring)

Bella- (happily) Hey my loving sisters!

Malia- What?s wrong with you?

Paris- Oh no she?s going crazy!

Bella- No I?m not. I love you guys come here give me a hug

(Hugs Bella and Malia and goes upstairs to her room. Paris picks up her phone and dials)

Malia- Who are you calling?

Paris- Yes 911, My sister is going crazy!

Malia- Paris!!

(In the hallway the next day)

Joy- Have you seen Kelsey?

Bella- No, feel like I haven?t talk to her in days

Aiesha- She must be hiding something

Kiesha- What could that be?

Lola- Pregnancy

Bella- No, Kelsey is not like that

Joy- Wait there she is, with Lucas

Aiesha-Hmmm, What you?re going to do about that, Bella?

Bella- Naw it?s okay I?m done with Lucas

Lucas- Hey ladies

Lola- That?s so sad, showing up at school with Kelsey to try and make Bella jealous

Aiesha- Kelsey, Bella?s your best friend. I didn?t know you would scoop that low.

Bella- You guys I said it was cool

Kelsey- Thanks. My best friend is okay with it. Come on, Lucas let?s go

(they exit)

Joy- I don?t know Bella, I would?ve slapped her

Thomas- Hey Bella. I had a great time with you the other day. Can?t wait for our next session after school. I?ll see you later

(Thomas walks off)

Lola- Oh h*** no!

Aiesha- You like Einstein!

Joy- Are you crazy? You stood Lucas up for him? Who are you?

Kiesha- I can?t believe this! You?re fake. I wanted to be friends with a girl who?s in love with the geekiest guy in school!

Joy- Your reputation is so over

Bella- I am not in love with him!

Joy- Yes you are!

Aiesha- It all makes sense now why you?ve been "studying" until 8

Bella- I?m just using him! I?ve just been pretending to like him so he?ll do my work and I?ll get a good grade. Come on, you guys! You know I don?t care about lame Einstein.

Lola- You?re right

Aiesha- I?m sorry

Kiesha- I can?t believe we didn?t realize this was just one of your schemes

Joy- I know we actually thought you loved him for a second. Silly us!

(They all laugh and then Thomas comes back sadly clearly heard what she just said)

Thomas- I forgot to give you this calculator

Joy- Ha! Nerd

(Thomas gives Bella the calculator)

Bella- Thanks dweeb!

(They all laugh)

Aiesha- Aww you broke his little heart

Kiesha- He?s so lame. Like you could ever be with Bella

(Thomas walks off sadly and embarrassingly)

(In the library after school, Bella walks in)

Bella- Hey Thomas, I?m sorry about earlier. I didn?t mean what I said. They just kept teasing me and I almost lost my friends. You understand, right?

Thomas- Yeah I understand

Bella- So are we good?

Thomas- I think we should stay on a tutor and tutee basis

Bella- Thomas. I?m sorry. I didn?t mean what I said. I was just...

Thomas- Embarrassed of me! You are just like Julia! I knew I shouldn?t have fell for you! You are just another selfish, ******. Who only cares about what other people think of you instead of following your heart! Well, you got your friends and you got your grade but you don?t have to worry about me

Bella- Thomas

Thomas- Let?s just do math and then you can go back to your perfect little world and life where you came from

(They continue to work with Bella feeling guilty and only discussing Math the whole time)

(At home, Bella walks in the door crying)

Mrs. Meyer- Oh my gosh. What?s wrong?

Bella- I hate myself!

Mr. Meyer- Why would you say something like that?

Bella- I?m not who you think I am okay?

Mrs Meyer- What are you talking about? We know who you are. You?re our daughter

Paris- I told you, Malia! She?s losing her mind?

Mrs. Meyer- Are you losing your mind?

Bella- What? No

Malia- Then what are you talking about?

Mr. Meyer- Sweetie, what?s going on?

Bella- I don?t like Lucas, my friends aren?t my real friends, I want to be a singer, and I?m in love with Thomas Einstein!

Mrs. Meyer- Who is Thomas Einstein?

Malia- The nerdiest guy in school?

Paris- Now I know she lost her mind!

Bella- I?m not crazy okay. It?s the truth; I?m not going to pretend anymore. I?m not going to compete in the championship. I quit!

Mrs. Meyer- What do you mean, you quit! You can?t do that!

Bella- Watch me!

Mrs. Meyer- You cannot do that! You will ruin your reputation

Bella- I don?t care about that anymore. This is my life and you don?t control it anymore!

Mr. Meyer- Don?t talk to your mother that way

Bella- A mother would understand and let me make my own decisions!

Mrs. Meyer- Let me talk some sense into you. This is your future! You can?t just ruin it and expect to find happiness. I know what?s best for you!

Bella- No! You know what?s best for you. This is your dream, the life you wanted, not me

(She goes upstairs)

Mrs. Meyer- Can you believe her?

Mr. Meyer- Thomas Einstein? He sounds like a nerd

(At Thomas?s house)

Ms. Einstein- Thomas you?ve been pouting all day long. And you haven?t touched your food

Thomas- I?m not hungry

Ms. Einstein- What?s wrong? I haven?t seen you this depressed since Julia. Did another girl break your heart?

Thomas- How did you know?

Ms. Einstein- You?re my son and I?ll always know what?s wrong with you. So who is she?

Thomas- Bella Meyer

Ms. Einstein- That popular rich girl you tutor? I thought she always was mean to you?

Thomas- She was but I thought she was beginning to change and was fallingl in love with me turns out she was just using me to get a good grade so she can still do gymnastics

Ms. Einstein- I?m sorry to hear that son but you deserve much better than her. A girl like her would never understand how passionate, sweet, and intelligent you are. Now eat something you?re already skinny.

Thomas- Okay mother. I?ll try.

(Ms. Einstein exits and Thomas begins to eat his food and then he gets a call from Bella but he ignores it. Meanwhile Bella is in her room crying continuing to try to call Thomas but he never answers)

Following Day.....

Lola- Hey Bella!

Joy- Girl what?s up. You never called me back yesterday

Kelsey- Me neither. You?re not mad about Lucas are you?

Aiesha- I would be

Kiesha- Me too

Bella- No I haven?t been honest with you guys (Thomas passes by quickly but before he could escape Bella sees him and stops him) Thomas wait. Look I?m in love with Thomas it?s true. I don?t care what you say about me. It doesn?t matter. If you don?t want to be my friend anymore so be it. And I?m quitting gymnastics and cheer. I want to be a singer and join choir. So there!

(Thomas leaves)

Lola- You can?t be serious

Kelsey- You?re in love with Thomas?

Lola- The geekiest guy in school?

Joy- Girl you bugging

Aiesha- And what you mean you?re quitting cheer and gymnastics

Kiesha- And you want to join choir!

Bella- Yes.

(They all laugh at her)

Kelsey- Hey everybody! Bella says she?s in love with Thomas Einstein

(Everyone in the hallway hears it and laughs. Bella looks sad)

Lola- Ay, and she wants to quit cheer and gymnastics to be in the choir!

(Everyone laugh and Bella runs off and

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Submitted by angel guzman (not verified) on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 03:31
this is a wonderful story i read it to my gf but she broke up with me
Submitted by nevaeh_michelle on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 04:39
awww im sorry to hear that but I'm glad you love the story
Submitted by cevenvisionsstudio on Mon, 02/04/2013 - 06:27
lmfao that not sure if that was a compliment or that was a joke
Submitted by cevenvisionsstudio on Mon, 02/04/2013 - 06:28
ignore the first "that" haha can't delete it
Submitted by marie (not verified) on Sun, 02/10/2013 - 03:58
i really like your movie and i think i can use it as my movie. email me back if you say yes i will if you say no i wont.
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wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww great job
Submitted by Daisy (not verified) on Fri, 08/02/2013 - 08:03
Really good story. Like Romeo and Juliet. I cryed.
Submitted by BigBenny (not verified) on Sat, 02/01/2014 - 16:44
wow this is so great...ur talented can i pls use some part for my movie pls
Submitted by Bschrock17 (not verified) on Mon, 06/02/2014 - 07:15
Hey. I love this script and I was wondering if maybe I would use it.
Submitted by 12hakobydeath (not verified) on Sun, 12/07/2014 - 19:32
Can I please use this script?
Submitted by GN (not verified) on Sat, 01/17/2015 - 20:08
I love this! Can I use this script for my drama class? Thanks a lot! :)
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This is Cool, Can I use this script for my drama class?
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i really like the story, can i use it for my drama class as well?
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