Air Band: Episode 1

Air Band: Episode 1

(30-60m)   by travis

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Air band
Episode 1
Scene 1

Everyone standing around graveyard for Ayrtons funeral

Reon: finally happened were finally free!!! The world is now a better place

Jodie death stares Reon and starts beating him up

Jess: umm don?t you think we should get him a casket?? Or a grave!!!!!

Looks over Ayrtons dead body just lying on the ground

Travis: don?t worry I?ve set up a cremation

10 minutes later Travis throws Ayrtons dead body into a bonfire at a Girl Scout camp, all the girls look terrified

Travis: you?re welcome.

Zooms out zooms in on a reading of Ayrtons will, the TV turns on and Ayrton is on it

Ayrton: ok here?s the deal before I start I ask that Jodie is buried with me

Immediately Travis grabs Jodie puts her in the car and drives off

Ayrton (cont): when she dies offcourse

Deanna: think we should tell him??

Reon: he?ll figure it out

Shows scene off Travis throwing Jodie in the bon fire

Scout leader: stop putting your shit in our fire!!!

End of scene

Scene 2

Ayrton TV version: to Reon I leave my porn ?. Please know that it?s slightly used.

Reon: cool!!!

Ayrton: to Michael I leave you the 2 million dollars I?ve saved up? hopefully this will pay all your WOW debts but I doubt it.

Michael: even in his will he manages to insult me!!!

Travis: ha ha ha ha ha ha

Ayrton: to Travis I leave my blow up sex doll? we all know you need it

Travis: you asshole!!!!!!

Ayrton: calm Travis it?s alright some men are made for pleasuring others, some aren?t

Travis to the TV: I hope you rot in hell you ass of a man!!!!!

Ayrton: presuming Travis has stoped with his spas attack I shall go on, to Jodie I leave anything she wants

Jodie: cool I needed a coat hanger or 2

Ayrton: jess I leave you nothing due to the fact that ?.. Well I just don?t like you

Jess: you mean mean person!!

Ayrton: well that?s about it

Deanna: what about me

Ayrton (cont): so I guess I should go now

Deanna in front of TV shaking it: what about me?????????????

Ayrton: oh 1 more thing

Deanna: phew

Ayrton: no-one touches my bass!!

TV turns off Deanna looks shocked

Travis: well I?m satisfied let?s go

The gang all walk out of the room Deanna left standing there still shocked; Travis steps back in and turn the lights off

End of scene

Scene 3

Reon Travis standing around everyone else has left, Ayrtons will reader walks up

Awr: umm I?m supposed to give this to someone
Travis grabs it

Awr: well that makes my job easier

The will reader walks away Travis starts reading aloud

Travis: ?dear Travis if you or Reon are reading this put it down and walk away!!!?

Reon: screw that!!

Travis: ?now to who is reading this (hopefully not Reon and Travis) my last wish is to start a rock band that is awesome and will be famous ps. If Reon and Travis are still reading this I will come back and haunt you 2 for life?

Ayrtons ghost appears next to them

Reon: nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I was out and you pushed me back in!!!

Travis: shut up Reon

Travis lights Ayrtons ghost on fire Reon looking shocked at Travis

Travis: see all better

Zooms out zooms in on auditions for drummer and singer 3 people are their Travis Reon and Travis? bro Ethan.

Ethan: ok here?s how this works Trav your bass

Travis: awesome!!

Ayrtons charcoaled corpse sitting next to them, Travis rips the bass out of Ayrtons hands

Travis: eww Ayrtons germs

Lights bass on fire then dunks it in water

Ethan: Reon your rhythm guitar

Reon: I have a doctor?s note excusing me from anything but sex

Travis: hahahahahahahahaha you said butt sex

Ethan hits Travis with a pole and sicks a vicious dog on Reon

Reon (oov): oh my god its teeth burn like the fires of hell, this almost hurts as much as herpes

End of scene

Scene 4

Travis and Reon walking down the street

Travis: well that was useless

Reon: I think there was plenty of talent at those auditions

Travis: it was a 5 year old girl and a hard core gimp that kept asking you to punish him!!!

Reon: the gimp asked me to punish him?? I thought that was the little girl, god damn it!! No wonder she called me a paedophile!!

Travis: ?. Reon sometimes I wish I could just see the world through your eyes

Reon: awwwww

Travis: but then I wake up screaming.

They then walk past a house with a chick playing drums in the garage

Travis: this may be the break we?ve been looking for!!

Reon: let me handle this it requires finesse.

Reon walks over to chick

Reon: hey baby how you doing?

Girl: ? You know you should probably get off my lawn

Reon: whys that???

Girl: my dad?s Clint Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood: now I bet your wondering whether I had 5 flowers or 6 well are you feeling lucky? Well are ya punk??

Travis: in his old age he seems to have gotten a lot more senile.

Girl: yeahhhh now what do you want

Reon: who says we want anything? except some sweet satisfaction?

Clint Eastwood tackles Reon

Travis: we want you to join our band

Girl: no thanks

Travis: well here?s our card if you change your mind, come on Reon

Reon being punched by Clint Eastwood

Clint: now I bet your wondering whether I punched you 3 times or 4.

Travis: oh god.

End scene

Scene 5

Travis, Reon and Son Fuk Mi (there new singer) all standing back stage at their first gig, the girl from last scene walks up

Reon: heyyyy you changed your mind, just couldn?t get enough of me eh?

Girl: kinda had to you stole my dog and seriously eww

Reon: works like a charm every time

Travis: damn straight I haven?t seen my rabbit in 5 years

Reon: yeah bout that?

Travis: you killed my rabbit didn?t you!

Reon: ohh you already know awesome less explaining for me

Travis grabs Reon throws him in trash

Girl: okkk? Well I?m not playing with you guys!!

Ethan walks in girl immediately checks him out then rushes over to meet him

Girl: hi I?m Cassie your new drummer.

Ethan: okkk??? (To Travis) where?d you find this 1??

Travis: Clint Eastwood?s house

Ethan: you meet Clint Eastwood and didn?t call me?!?!?!

Ethan throws Travis in bin with Reon

Ethan: ok chick you can stay just don?t feed Reon ok it?s like a common rule in the group.

Reon: I haven?t eaten since 2001 ? (crying) god I?m hungry!!!

End scene

Scene 6

The band on stage with no instruments

Ethan: I?m telling you this won?t work

Travis: well don?t blame me; Reon?s the 1 that destroyed the instruments

Reon: hey! I was just trying to make the instruments nice and clean

Cassie: that doesn?t mean you put them in a washing machine

Son Fuk Mi: N? d?i lÿi j?d? de cœnku?n b?oxi?n jhu?, q?y? r›ngy? di?oy?ng zj? de yu?du

Reon: ?. I agree with ching chong being an air band is the best way to go

Music starts guys pretend to be playing then all of a sudden Son Fuk Mi goes all Chinese scremo Travis then beats him up and kicks him off stage after all is done the crowd goes wild

Ethan: wow they really love us

Travis: correction they love the musical genius of ACDC

Hillbilly: hey!! They weren?t playing they were mimicking ACDC

Reon: uh oh?

Goes to scene of the entire band being tied to post Cassie last to be tied up no room

Cassie: oh jeez I guess I?ll just have to lie on top of Ethan

She runs to Ethan hillbillies then grabs her and ties her to Reon

Cassie: NO!! Not him anyone but him!!

Reon: hey that?s offensive

Hillbillies then walk off leaving them there

Ethan: that?s it I quit I?m out!!!

Cassie: me too

Reon: yeah I?m only in this band because I was told I would meet women

Travis: but eth you?re our lead guitarist and if they saw you shred a solo they would love you, Cassie I?ve never seen people play drums like you and Reon ? and I?m a great bassist

Reon: god damn it stop skipping me!!!

Eth: you know what your right trav I think I will stay and I know what we should call our band

Goes to next scene a big banner saying air band Ethan looking all proud others just standing there

Reon: ?. I like boobies better

Travis: hell yeah!!!

Credits play after credits

It shows Son Fuk Mi sitting outside hillbillies come up to him

Hillbilly: what have we got here?? I think we ought to teach this Foreigner a lesson eh boys

It then shows hillbillies teaching Chinese guy how to speak English

End scene

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Author's Message

one of my first and still probally my favourite script to write.

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30-60m Short Comedy Movies - Air Band: Episode 1