A Night At The Auction

A Night At The Auction

(30-60m)   by James Alex Gerard

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Working Title: "A Night At The Auction"
Note: This is a Sequel to "A Day At The Ballpark"

Genre: Comedic Motion Picture (Fiction); roughly one-and-one-half hours

The characters from "A Day At The Ballpark" return -- to "rub elbows and conflict with the proverbial snobs" when they sponsor and coordinate a charitable, upper-class society event.

And deal with all the zany problems, obstacles, detractors, egoist artists, and the assorted characters that go along with it.

Comparison/Along the lines of: A Marx Brothers film.


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Author's Message

This is a sequel to "A Day At The Ballpark" outline submitted earlier. I have numerous bits for this concept that again lend themselves well to what The Marx Brothers did.

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Submitted by Foxy Shopper (not verified) on Thu, 04/14/2011 - 08:30
I would like to view full length skits. Thanks.

30-60m Short Comedy Movies - A Night At The Auction