A Junky's Anecdote

A Junky's Anecdote

(10-30m)   by Poe

Short Comedy Movies   (11493 Views 0 Comments)

A Junky?s Anecdote is a short screen script/psychological thriller about a married couple whom both become heroin addicts. These two junkies have nothing left in life except their old empty house in which they haven?t paid the mortgage for ever since their addiction began. Their house becomes the final resting place for the husband and his spirit however; the husband?s spirit does not know it has passed on to the afterlife. After an overdose, our lead continues to interact with his wife and the drug community until he finally realizes that something is terribly wrong with him and the world he?s living in.

by, James Poe
Copyright: Feb. 2013

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10-30m Short Comedy Movies - A Junky's Anecdote