A Day At The Ballpark

A Day At The Ballpark

(30-60m)   by James Alex Gerard

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Working Title: "A Day At The Ballpark"

By James Alex Gerard
Genre: Comedic Motion Picture (Fiction)

A carefree, whimsical, fun-loving and eccentric tycoon (Groucho Marx type) buys a losing, chaotic minor-league baseball team. And he acquires all the various problems and characters that go along with it. And he sets out to turn things around.

Other characters heading the troupe are the team's manager (Chico
Marx type); the zany, pantomimic "hitting, pitching and everything else" coach
(Harpo Marx type;) and the team's lead player/straight man (Zeppo Marx type).

Some example one-liners for the script can be found at: http://comedicskybox.blogspot.com/. I've also written other insightful and original skits that incorporate nicely into the work.

Comparison/Along the lines of: A Marx Brothers film.

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Author's Message

This is a synopsis of a motion-picture I envision easily. Easily. It will be an updated version of a Marx Brothers film,Perhaps one-and-one-half hours in length. It's done in 100 percent original ways. Nothing is taken from the originals but the makeup of the characters. I know if the Marx Brothers were around today, they'd have worked with me to bring this work to life. I know that. And I know it be a successful picture, one which is needed in a world full of remakes and "what do we do nows?".

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Submitted by icomedytv on Sat, 04/28/2012 - 23:59
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