Your Sorority into the minds of the Bodybuilders...

Your Sorority into the minds of the Bodybuilders...

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They walk like dinosaurs, their sculptured bodies shake, whine, squeak and rattle all screeched and clattered; a real cantankerous example of the human body.
I pity them because their idea of a healthy diet usually ends with an Indian take away. Croc Motto: Must eat more protein! So why have a curry? Groans!!!
Other gym users would complain about their rotting stinking bodies to each other but never to their faces.
Farting protein shakes out of their butt holes these men made Gorillas display their one big abdominals.
Walking cement mixers with limbs they pat their bellies like they would pat a little dog.
?Gotta eat elfy?, is also one of their ever defying mottos. This leads me to ask the question, has anybody ever seen an attractive caveman before?
Then why do they persist in bouncing around parading their peacock feather fat to the opposite sex who find they resemble a growler of musky tusk like mammoths on heat!
More often than not they would be in the changing rooms triumphantly showing off to the new delinquents on the block via their gastric talents.
Followed by the posing of their abnormal biceps that make the new scrota compelled to enquire further into the world of amassing muscle to which they are greeted with the four season?s sound of uncontrollable bursting thrusts of hurricane wind, smell em and weep, its all good, sniff sniff!

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I am a keen Gym user and I like to blog about the trend of the bodybuilders and their up hill slog to look the tits. Unable to keep it all to myself any longer, this blog is a chronicle of my experiences!

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