Van Diemens Land

Van Diemens Land

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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in 1803 we sailed out to sea, out from the sweet town of Derry

they bound us in chains, our poor faces drained

we thought it was the Holyhead ferry


O'Donnell's confused, asked is this a cruise

and where the hell are we going

myself i would say its no holiday

seen as we're chained and we're rowing


six weeks at sea, we are now forty three

the captain is a cruel master

and our escape plan, got way out of hand

the tunnel was a disaster


scurvy was rife, made hell of our life

with the chances of freedom remote

and boy it annoys, when the tannoy

keeps playing row row the boat


the ship struck a rock, oh lord what a shock

it turned nine times right over

someone said this is wrong, we're in the wrong song

the god dammed Irish Rover


to Van Diemens land, where its hell for a man

there's no wine or women

a barren old land, all rocks and sand

but i suppose we can always go swimming

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once upon a time to get free passage to Australia you merely had to steal a loaf of bread. that's why they were called the good old days

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