The Elevator at the 13th

The Elevator at the 13th

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The Elevator at the 13th The elevator stops at the 13th floor and the door slides open.

Child: Wahhhhh!!!

The child cried when the wrinkled skinned, pointed-nose lady in black dress enters the elevator. The people around have a side glance at the woman who looks like a witch in a fantasy film.

The child's mom tries to comfort the young boy while she notices the worried look on other passengers.

Mom: Don't worry.

Tapping his son's back. She smiles on him while they get others sympathy.

Mom (Cont'd): Everyone has a good heart and spirit although most of us haven't received physical beauty.

The boy look at her mom.

Child: Mom, sorry for shouting. I'm just testing if I can still hear my voice, I felt heavy pressure in my ears.

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