the creepy creepy song

the creepy creepy song

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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no harm in a fondle when she's half asleep, but you're on thin ice, when the coma is deep


thats creepy creepy creepy creepy

licking cream off a nipple, she'll say well foreplayed, with tripe, onions and colcannon, you might find her dismayed


removing her bra is a lesson in life, it should not involve a stanley knife


being possessive shows you care and it can endear, twenty years in a cellar could be seen as severe


making love to music is good, it can be sublime, it should'nt be Rolf Harris singing nursery rhymes


with dressing up and roleplay, theres fun to be had, dont say you just be yourself love, and I'll be your dad


just cos you think ye have an electricity, does'nt mean cable ties are a necessity


making love in a field of corn is romantic to the core, but in a field of rape its sending mixed metaphors


good grooming will impress, that's a safe bet, but not with her kids on the internet

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its a fine line between being quirky and creepy. I would think that your average sex symbol Brad Pitt etc could do the creepiest of things and still be called quirky

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1.5m Funny Stories - the creepy creepy song