The Chill Teacher

The Chill Teacher

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Hi I’m Omkar I’m 12 as most of you know. And I have this disorder it’s called “ being Chatty”. It means that I talk a lot to the point in which people make you think they are listening but in reality they are like “ oh my god when is this man going to stop ahhhhhhh” but being honest here I am a huge extrovert. But only at school. if I meet someone at a party or outside of school I just hide behind my dad and pray the other person doesn’t ask a question, if they do I say it so quietly that people wonder if I’m even talking not even an elephant can hear me, and trust me they have big ears. But when talking with friends I’m like a speaker the size of Canada and you can’t make me shut up no matter how hard you try, unless the teacher walks into the room. When the teacher is not in the room everyone is so loud you can hear us from down the hallway. But when he walks it goes so quiet so fast you guys, all you can hear is the AC in the background. People are that scared of our teacher. To be honest  I don’t know why. He is literally the most chill, most 7th grader like teacher in the world. Like once we were reading this scary story called the tell-tale heart. And what happens is that there is a crazy man who is a caretaker of an old man who has this really creepy eye. And so the man murders the old man and disposes of the body so well the detectives couldn’t find anything. But after a while he started to hear a heartbeat and confessed of the murder because of feeling guilty. And at that point of the story Mr.Amdur had played the sound of a heart beat in a speaker that he put in the ceiling. And whenever we mentioned that we are hearing a heart beating he would turn it off. So me and friends thought that we were going crazy. We went into the corner of the room and started going “I’m not going crazy, no, I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m not going crazy.” 15 min later we caught him. We saw him pressing buttons on his phone in his pocket. Oh and you should have seen the look on our faces we were pissed. We were so mad that me and my friends started tearing up the room trying to find the speaker. When we found the speaker I had a lightbulb go up in my head “let’s hide it in the ceiling and put a styrofoam head next to it. So that when the next class comes in and finds it they have a styrofoam head falling on their face.” It was so wicked I loved it. Another time our teacher was being a child was when he was messing around with his home cameras speaker system. He told us this story of when he was at work and his wife came back from grocery shopping and he had just installed the speaker system the previous day so she wasn’t aware of its capabilities, but he was. So what he did was start making weird noises around the house. He is going like “hello there I see you and your little child if you do not go outside and yell mommy I will come for you and her”. And she was going all like “oh my god don’t hurt my baby don’t come near her you creep alright I’ll do it I will go outside and call for my mommy.” She went outside and did it. She is white bye the way. So anyways. Mr.Amdur comes home and says “hey honey did you enjoy calling for your mommy?” She was like “how do you know about that?” And then he said it “hello there I see you and your little child..” he then got his butt whooped. Our teacher wasn’t always a teacher he had two jobs before becoming a teacher. He worked at a gaming company called 2K and he also was a musician who went on tour. I still wonder to this day where he went wrong. He made so many good songs you guys. He was amazing. You will also be surprised on how many similarities we have in common. We both play the drums, we both act like 5 year olds, we are very fidgety, we are also very talkative, we both are wicked and we both made a lot of terrible life choices. Like we are just about the same person. Thank You GoodNight

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