Stroke Victim

Stroke Victim

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Three slightly elderly gentleman in a pub being interviewed by a paramedic after one of them is suspected of having a stroke.

Colin the apparent stroke victim is face down across the pub table with his trousers round his ankles

Paramedic: OK what 's happened here then gents ?

Kevin: Well doctor, we are all familiar with the acronym F.A.S.T in these situations and when we noticed Colin's Face go pale and glassy eyed, we whipped his trousers off got him across the table and checked his Arse. All seemed fine so we checked that he could Smile, and he was, so in double quick Time we called you and here we are !.

Paramedic: OK I understand, just for future reference the acronym FAST stands for Face , Arms, Speech, Time.

Kevin: OK got it.

Paramedic: anyway Colin seems OK , but could you tell me why your mate Pete over there also has his trousers around his ankles ?

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I don't know why but jokes like this all sound better in a Scottish or Irish accent

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