sea of green(snooker song)

sea of green(snooker song)

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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okay baby you got it wrong, and it makes you upset

we all make mistakes at some time, stuff that we regret

just put it all behind you, wipe the tears from the front of your head

and next time play the safety shot, instead of the difficult red

and how did you miss that blue, bet you could have died

simple pot, about half ball, with a touch of left hand side


you had hair like Terry Griffiths, Steve Davis sexy eyes

a ass like Hurricane Higgins, the smile of Jimmy White

legs like Ray Reardon, a Dennis Taylor nose

tits like Bill Werbeniuk, and Cliff Thorburn toes


remember when i met you, you had me in a daze

wearing that little number of the greenest baize

saw you bending over a pair of balls on table two

i played the next frame and a half without a cue

then you got cheeky, said show me a deep screw

you made me so nervous, that i followed through


said i wanted to sink your pink, could feel the sexual tension

and what i got here in my hand, don't need no extension

you were coy to this boy, gave me a playful frown

kicked me in my billiard bag, when i said I'd even chance the brown

yes we met as ships passing in the night, on a choppy sea of green

but the triangle was'nt Bermudan, so it ended like a dream


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if you're not a old time snooker fan the chorus will be baffling.

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1.5m Funny Stories - sea of green(snooker song)