Sandwich beautiful?!!

Sandwich beautiful?!!

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I was flipping through the channels, on the TV, stopped for a second. It was a man and a woman on a date. They were on a hilltop overlooking the ocean. They start whipping out food. I'm like "Oh how nice a picnic!"

I said this not knowing what was about to transpire.

THe lady hands the dude a sandwich. He grabs it looking at it, "Oh WOW, this is BEAUTIFUL!" "You do this?"

Now I don't know if he was kissing ass or creating convo... Either way shut the fuck up, you man version of Martha Stewart.

I hope the sandwich lives up to its breathtaking ability and you choke to death.

When I call something beautiful it doesn't ever include eating it after. 

(woman voice) "Thats so beautiful! I want to chew it up and shit it out." 

or (Sleazy man) "Why hello there, why haven't I digested you already!"


What has this guy seen... or rather NOT seen for him to be calling a single pb&j sandwich beautiful.

Don't get me wrong you've got to appreciate the little things. But beautiful sandwich!?

I speak English and I don't think beautiful is the correct vernacular for 2 pieces of bread and the contents of a 2 in 1 squeeze tube.

The only time this should be acceptable is if you were just released from the gates of a concentration camp. Even then after a couple your like (hunched clutching stomach) "God damn sandwiches!" Never want to see you again!"

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