Off To Hawaii

Off To Hawaii

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Off To Hawaii

So it satarts out with an asian family (mom, dad, big sister, little brother) loading up the car for their vacation to Hawaii. Their car is a light blue satation wagon with wood across all doors (like something straight out of the brady bunch). So the family is loading their bags from their house in the suburbs to the back of the brady mobile. It is so obvious that they are planning a trip to Hawaii, the whole family was dressed in almost matching button up hawwian shirts with tan shorts falling just above the knee and dark brown flip flops, lets not forget the dad and his straw hat with a daw string with the wooden bead below his chin.

When they pull out of the long driveway to turn onto left onto the highway the big sister leans out of the window on the left side with a flashlight and starts to flash it on and obvious sign that the signal lights are pretty much non existant.

They get on the highway, about that time the mother turns on the brand new radio that you can tell was newly installed. She spends a few minutes of channel surfing and stops on a station with the song "im so paid" (Akon ft.lil wayne). At this point the whole family is REALLY getting into the song. All four bobbing their heads to different beats. The youngest (the little boy) making his best efforts to stay in tune with the song and trgically failing.

The brady mobile goes strong for about 2 and half miles when a loud boom comes from under the car and smoke coming from the front and back of the car. So naturally they pull over. Only to realize that their car had failed them on the way to the air port.

Like before, the older sister grabs her flashlight from the space between her and her brother and looks at him with an inpatient look in her eyes. The young boy imedietly understands and reaches under his seat to pull out a flashlight of his own. The two lean out of their windows and flash the lights on and off in perfect syncronization as if they had practiced beforehand. (homade emergency flashers)
to them it seemed like 100 cars had passed them before the rusty black pinto pulled over onto the side of the road behind them. is up to you to decide who is in the pinto to save the day.
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ps. no particular reason why the family is asian...thats just how i pictured it in my head.

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Submitted by emy (not verified) on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 23:50
i think its a pretty good story. but i dont get how its funny.
Submitted by anu (not verified) on Wed, 11/07/2012 - 01:40
nyc.. bt nt so funny.. :)

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