name dont shame

name dont shame

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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when you have a child, don't call him something crap

cos when they grow up, they gonna hit you a slap

call him Sean, call him Jack

for if you call him anus, hes gonna get you back

name don't shame, for they'll grow up and hunt you down like game


different with a dog, you can call them Rover

shit head or bollocks, and they'll still roll over

you cant do it with a child, its a serious game

ever see a dog get bullied, cos it has a stupid name

name don't shame, for they'll cut you up and hide you in the drain


you'll be sitting in a home, where the carer's don't care

in a damp old room, in a rickety old chair

feeling all forgotten and melancholy

crying my son Adolph never visits me

name don't shame, or they'll shoot you like a horse thats gone lame


don't call him Judas, call him Tom

don't call him Tokyo Sexwhale , call him John

don't call her Vaginus, call her Jane

don't call her deed poll, call her elaine

name don't shame, or they'll push you in front of low flying planes

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a stupid name can hold you back in life unless you're Tokyo Sexwhale

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