Likes and Dislikes

Likes and Dislikes

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Sociology class in an adult education college discusses the advantages of growing older and wiser and poses the question of what five things did you dislike when you were young and now like a lot as an adult.

Mature student Marie: 'Tea and scones, cold evenings by the fire, walking the dog, glass of red wine, reading a novel'.

Tutor: 'Excellent choices, who else would like to offer some thoughts'

Mature Student Jane: 'weeding in the garden, pruning roses, afternoon tea, watching an old movie, knitting.'

Tutor: 'More great choices for us to discuss, would any of the men like to offer any thoughts?'

Mature student John: '51 year women, 52 year old women, 53 year old women, 54 year old women, 55 year old women!'

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I first posted this in response to a question on the BBC but I have re-crafted it here

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