if all

if all

(1m)   by gritt brewer

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if all the fish in the sea, were nubile young women

i would leave my trunks on the beach, when i go swimming

and if i could'nt catch me a brunette or a blond

I'd dangle my worm in the water and there'd soon be one along


if all the birds in the sky were comely young maids

I'd buy lots of bread with the money I'm paid

I'd soak it all in chloroform, though that's quite unsavory

and in my shed i would have my own red light aviary


if all the hares in the field, were lovely young models

I'd hire Usain Bolt, so catching them would be a doddle

would thank Usain for his help, in procurement and resourcing

let him pick a big eared beauty, and then start intercoursing

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imagine having a big fish tank at home full of lovely women. in that scenario the size of your tackle really would count

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