Hard Start in Life Song

Hard Start in Life Song

(2.5m)   by gritt brewer

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was born on a Dublin street, which left a mess after me
afterbirth strewn all over
my poor old mother dead, car rolled on her head
sure left me in some real bad clover
the last words of my mam, were get out and roam the land
show the world you have courage
get some wolves to raise you good, in the deepest darkest woods
by Christ they'll show you how to forage
no wolves could I find, decimated by mankind
was destined to crawl eternally
a lovely old stoat, gave me her winter coat
but didn't want to involve herself maternally
its sure hard to eat, when you got no teeth
I licked all that grew on gods earth
got a bad dose of the blues, when the orphanage refused
cos I couldn't produce two death certs
its a downward spiral, when you're young and feral
and weigh eight pounds four ounces
supposed to be all joy, for a new born baby boy
guess its only for the type that bounces
in the cold I had to busk, for the price of a rusk
for times were truly dire
I'd sing and gyrate, like a pirate
whose wooden leg was on fire
nights were long and hard, left me mentally scarred
to the heavens I would pray
pick a doorstep later on, to go and sleep upon
hoping to be adopted the next day
though shaking in my skin, I was never taken in n
never was I dressed in fine silk
no pity for a child, that's unkempt and soiled
I always came second to the milk
wilting like a dying flower, strength receding by the hour
I had to make a decision most profound
begged forgiveness from the lord, as I cut the umbilical chord
and stopped dragging my dead mother around

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the tune of this song is fairly obvious

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2.5m Funny Stories - Hard Start in Life Song