fish dinner song

fish dinner song

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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mong me a fish, for a John Dory dish

says i to the old fishmonger

he said no John Dory, but praise to be glory

i have a big whoore of a conger

so a conger i had, did'nt look half bad

in pastry i did it place

eel meal for dinner, is surely a winner

can't wait to see my true loves face


microwave full power, for one quarter hour

should be a taste delight

a good claret i feel, would compliment eel

should be a hell of a night

the meal of my choice, took her by surprise

she chewed and she chewed and she chewed

then from nice and romantic, it turned pure frantic

she spewed and she spewed and she spewed


she was'nt that fetching, puking and retching

on wall, carpet and table

i got to thinking, it must be the drinking

the wine made her unstable

i said its getting late, so finish your plate

of the finest eel en croute

with anchovy ice cream to follow, it'll be gone in a swallow

girl i know you can do it


i again got to think, of the curse of the drink

when again she started to wretch

oh how i despised her, this blond vomit geyser

with each bucket i had to fetch

not getting John Dory,led to a sad story

dam that eel monging clown

for she fell to the floor, did'nt move anymore

had to dump her on some old waste ground

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Author's Message

it saddened me to dump my last girlfriend. what a waste of a good roll of lino

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