Fiction Comedy

Fiction Comedy

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Mama Jan, I'm going to study now. You go to sleep.  Good night, good night son.  Now I opened the door of the room and entered.  There was a study table next to my bed.  I opened the book and started reading.  

After a while, while reading, the power went out suddenly.  I thought the light would come on but when the light didn't come on for a while I went to bed and lay down.  Suddenly there was the sound of something falling into the room.  I was a little frightened and my sleep was blown away because there was complete darkness and silence in the room. Strange noises came from all over the room.

The fear was growing on me.  At that moment, something fell on my head from the shelf above the bed.  I jumped on the bed out of fear and lost my sweat.  I lost my complexion.  I squatted on the bed.  It was a sign of fear that now even the voices of Sai Sai could be heard.  From somewhere in the room came the hissing, the squeaking, the squeaking.  In that fear, I started shouting "Ammy Ammy". 

As soon as my mother opened the door, i went and wrapped my arms around her and at that moment the light came on.  Ammy asked what happened son!  Why were you crying so hard? I pointed to the bed and said, I saw two rats moving around on the bed.  Then I hugged my mother with a smile.

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