dreaming on the bus song

dreaming on the bus song

(1m)   by gritt brewer

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had a dream, was on a yacht in Cannes

with Candice Swanepoel holding hands

she gushed at me, you're virile and strong

give it to me good, hammer and tongs

so i said okay, but I'll have to be swift

cos Giselle Bundchen is mad for the shift

then i came, yes i came, woke up calling Candice's name

then i came, yes i came

had to walk off the bus, all sticky and shamed


had a dream was on a beach

with Caitlyn Jenner tickling my feet

last thing on my mind was boning

with all her whining and her droning

next thing all i could see

was Caitlyn sprawled all over me

she stroked my hair, called me sexy

but i was shrunken and shriveled like a old pygmy

i never came, i never came

walked off the bus, unsticky and unshamed

Caitlyn sure helped me plenty

at no stage was i even Al Dente

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as a rule you should try avoid dreaming on the bus

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