bearded lady song

bearded lady song

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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remember when i first saw her, she took my breath away

made me a instamatic asthmatic, on that very day

knew i had to have her, and her hand i had to win

as the barber stood over her, giving her beard a trim


i said bearded lady, lets get crazy

i want to get entwined

dont care if your whiskers clog my shower drain all the time


she said i hope you're not a pervert, hope you're not all kinky weird

dont want to spend hours on end, washing love juice from my beard

said just want to run my fingers through it

stroke it like i would a Shih Tsu

i see Fidel Castro with a nice arse

when i look at you


hey bearded lady, lets get crazy

I'll seduce you as quick as a flash

we'll get all flirty, then down and dirty

give each other beard rash

hey bearded lady, lets get crazy, let the loving flow

i think you're a cracker, remind me of Chewbacca

want to be your Han Solo

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shame that bearded ladies are in decline due to circuses and freak shows not being as popular any more

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