Arnold-chicken Legs-enegger

Arnold-chicken Legs-enegger

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Bodybuilders who refuse to give as much attention to the lower part of their bodies as their top half are called chicken legs.
? Their upper bodies are so big making them completely out of proportion and you could fit both legs into a Mac Donald?s straw.
? They are also called bottle stoppers, wine usually.
? Or lollipops, genetic errors, Scrawny legs, my favourite.: circus freaks.
? They suffer from bad knees due to the excessive weight that their legs have to lug around and naturally, this prevents them from training their legs, great excuse.
? Kit bag is also another name for them, because they look like they are carrying army gear around, as though they really move much, yeah whatever!
? They tend to walk around spreading their arms as wide as possible and this makes them feel like they are bigger than they actually are, distracting your eyes from looking down at their knobbly knees.
? They live off Nourishment and Nutriment drinks and tend to have a bad diet, its difficult getting up and away from the table!
? Their women hate to be seen in public with them as they resemble half man half beast!
? Their idea of a squat is when they are taking a dump.
? Their legs eventually bend inwards from the strain and they soon become physio food.
? They struggle to get up onto the top level of the bus, squeezing up the stair cased tube.
? Buttocks become flat and square because they are usually found to be sitting down snacking.
? Quads is not a muscle group rather a number of reps, three!
? Hamstrings is interpreted as meat on a violin, makes sense.
? Calves are baby animals of some sort, their not quiet sure what.
? Broaden their horizons means to train lats even more.
? Sex is best lying down on their backs otherwise their partner could end up with a face full of upper chest, steroid shrunk seeds and a pidgeon giggle stick is bad enough; poor cow!

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LOL! Chicken-leggers!

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