The Killer's Diary

The Killer's Diary

(10-30m)   by nevaeh_michelle

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The Killer’s Diary by Nevaeh Michelle


Mrs. Sticklebomb






(At Walter’s Creek for camping trip)

Mrs. Sticklebomb-Okay, I hope you all enjoy this camping trip because Lord knows I

won’t. Okay, set up your tents and do not bother me and no one gets hurt!


Rachel-I hate coming on these trips, they’re so lame

Brandon-I know. My mom forced me to do this. I rather be in prison!

Chris(To Brandon)-You’re so gay. It’s only guys in prison. At least we get to be in tents

with some chicks.

Brandon-Why you had to go there?

Chris-I’m just telling the truth

Khia-Okay the tent is up!

Rachel-How do you even know how to do that?

Khia-I love these trips. They’re fun.

Chris-Are you serious?

Khia-Yeah, and it has an interesting legend about this place

(Everyone goes into the tent)

Chris-What legend?

Kelly-Yeah, What legend?!

Khia-Last year, 2 of the girls on this camping trip was murdered in the exact same woods

we’re in now.

Brandon-(laughs) You’re crazy! I’m not gonna get scared off some stupid legend.

Rachel-So, How did they die?

Khia-Nobody knows, most believe they were hung and some believe they were killed

first then hung.

Kelly-So who did it?!

Khia-No one knows, but the person who did it left their diary behind and the only thing

written in it was…..I told them I was gonna f---them up! Then they signed it in blood

“The Killer’s Diary”

Kelly-That’s freaky!

Rachel-You guys, What if she’s here?

Brandon-Awww, little Rachel’s scared


Rachel-No I’m not! -No I’m not!

Khia-I heard she lives here, out in the woods, and waits for you to wander at night and



Chris-(laughs) D---Rach, you’re so scary

Rachel-I’m not scared okay!

(Mrs.Sticklebomb enters)

Mrs. Sticklebomb-Children!


(Everyone laughs except Rachel)

Brandon-Chill Rachel, It’s just Mrs. Sticklebomb

Kelly-Yeah, don’t pee on yourself!

Rachel-That’s not funny!

Mrs. Sticklebomb-Stop the chit chatting and go to sleep!

If I hear you again I am going to raise some h---!

Everyone-Sorry Mrs. Sticklebomb

Mrs Sticklebomb-Now go to sleep


Kelly-Goodnight yall



Chris-Don’t go wandering off Rachel (laughs)

Rachel-F----you a—hole

(The next morning)

Mrs. Sticklebomb-Everyone out the tent! I need to do a roll call.

(Everyone runs out the tent)

Mrs. Sticklebomb-Khia Haywitt


Mrs. Sticklebomb-Brandon Jeffries


Mrs. Sticklebomb-Kelly Mc’Daniel


Mrs. Sticklebomb-Chris Overton


Mrs. Sticklebomb-Rachel Sanders,,,Rachel?.....Oh my gosh! Where’s Rachel?!

Khia-I don’t know! She was sleeping right next to me!

Mrs.Sticklebomb-Not again. S---. I guess I better go to the unemployment office I lost

another child. I’ll be right back. Nobody wander off!


Brandon-You think the killer killed Rachel?

Chris-You believe that s----. She probably just by the lake

Khia-You guys, I’m scared!!

Kelly-Me too! Chris you should be concerned about Rachel


Khia-If the killer got Rachel , I know exactly where she is-If the killer got Rachel , I know exactly where she is.

Brandon-Well let’s go look for her then

Kelly-H---no! The killer not getting me next

Chris-Stop being a p---. Our friend can be dead. Now come on!

Kelly-Okay but if I see somebody I’m running

(They all go to the middle of the woods where there is a small cemetery)

Kelly-H---no. This is too spooky!

Khia-Kelly, bring your a—on here!

Brandon-I don’t see Rachel

Chris-You guys go this way and me and Brandon will go that way

Kelly-Shouldn’t we stay together?

Khia-Go ahead. It’ll help us find Rachel faster


Khia-Rachel! Are you here?!

Khia-Oh my gosh!


Khia-I found a diary

Kelly-Is it the killer’s? Read it!

Khia-I got her b----….. Signed “The Killer’s Diary”

Kelly-Oh my gosh! (Both girls take off running)

Khia-Brandon! Chris! Where are you guys? We found the killer’s diary!

Kelly-I don’t see them

Khia-Me either

(Khia bump into Mrs. Sticklebomb)

Khia and Kelly-Ahh!

Mrs, Sticklebomb-Didn’t I tell yall to stay by the tent?

Khia-I’m sorry. We went to find Rachel. We know the killer killed her.

Mrs. Sticklebomb-What killer? And how you know that?

Kelly-The killer with the diary

Mrs. Sticklebomb-What are you talking about?!!

Khia-Look! (Shows Mrs. Sticklebomb the diary, she reads it and laughs)

Mrs. Sticklebomb-Is this some type of joke?

Kelly-No. and now we can’t find Brandon and Chris and the killer killed Rachel!

Mrs. Sticklebomb-Oh, I found Rachel and Brandon and Chris they’re all fine.. Someone

must’ve been playing a joke on you. Come on, let’s go back to the tent where the rest are.

Kelly-Oh thank God! I was scared for a minute

(They arrive at the tent)

Khia-Wait! Where’s Rachel, Chris, and Brandon?!

Kelly-They’re gone again!

Mrs. Sticklebomb-I know b------!

Khia and Kelly-AHHH!

Mrs. Sticklebomb-(Writes in her diary) I killed all them b------. Signed, “ The Killer’s


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Submitted by Calvin (not verified) on Sun, 09/22/2013 - 21:05
Hi, does this script have an ISBN Number?
Submitted by fawaz (not verified) on Thu, 10/24/2013 - 03:24
nice story
Submitted by Brandi Hulsey (not verified) on Tue, 05/05/2015 - 02:09
Hi. My drama club students are trying some improv and we are going to break up our little "performance" with some fun skits! Can my students use this? They love it! We just had to bleep out some of the inappropriate language- as they are younger! :)
Submitted by Stagedoor13_12939 on Sat, 09/12/2020 - 16:19
Hi. I would like to use your script for my youth theater group

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