The Years That Changed My Life

The Years That Changed My Life

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Scene 1: Park
Reon, Travis, Michael, Ayrton, Jodie, Britney, Jacob, Jess, Deanna and Kahlia are all under a tree at a park. They are all young versions of about 14 year olds.
Young Reon: I?ve got a question to ask everyone.
Young Ayrton: Go ahead! As long as it?s not about sex positions or blue waffle.
Young Reon: Damn!
Young Michael: I?ve got a question to ask!
Young Ayrton: As long as it?s not about WOW.
Young Michael: Um?never mind.
Young Travis: I?ve got a question to ask.
Young Ayrton: As long as? alright go ahead Travis.
Young Travis: Where do you guys see yourselves in 10 years from now? Michael would you care to begin?
Young Michael: Not now! I?m versing the evil queen?
Young Michael looks up to see everyone staring at him.
Young Michael: Never mind.
Young Travis: What about you Ayrton?
Young Ayrton: Well I wouldn?t care where I was, as long as I was with Jodie.
Young Ayrton then snuggles Jodie.
Young Jess: Nawww? Aren?t you lucky to have him Jodie?
Young Travis: Okay then Jodie. I think I know your answer.
Young Jodie: Where do I see myself in 10 years? I see myself with Johnny Depp.
Young Jodie sighs. Young Ayrton gets up shocked.
Young Ayrton: Hey! Wait what! I?m so confused!
Young Ayrton then starts crying.
Young Jodie: What?s wrong Ayrton! Did you have more premature ejaculation?
Young Ayrton cries harder at this.
Young Jodie: What I say?
Young Jess: Okay then Travis, what do you want to be when you?re older?
Young Travis: I?m going to be an awesome engineer and I?ll score myself a hot girl.
Young Michael laughs at this.
Young Travis: What?s so funny?
Young Michael: You?d be lucky to score with a pig!
Young Travis: You take that back now!
Young Michael: Or what?
Young Travis: I?ll disconnect you from WOW.
Young Michael gives Young Travis the death stare.
Young Michael: You wouldn?t.
Young Travis: Try me.
Young Travis leaps to Young Michael, but Young Deanna grabs Young Travis and chucks him on the floor.
Young Deanna: There will be no fighting! Alright!
Young Michael: You?d be lucky to score with Deanna!
Young Deanna: That?s it!
Young Deanna screams as she jumps on Michael. Young Travis them jumps on both of them and they go rolling down the hill. Everything goes quiet.
Young Reon: So? What about the rests of you guys? Jess?
Young Jess: Well I know I?ll always be with Jacob.
Young Kahlia: Hey! What about me?
Young Jacob: What about you Kahlia?
Young Kahlia: Where am I supposed to go?
Young Reon: You can live with me!
Young Kahlia stares at Young Reon for a moment, then turns back to Young Jess and Young Jacob.
Young Kahlia: You can?t be serious!
Young Jacob: What?s wrong with Reon?
Young Kahlia: Jacob, have you met Reon yet?
Young Jacob: Yeah we?ve been friends forever! Haven?t we Reon?
Young Reon: Actually, who are you?
Young Jacob: I?m Jacob? Remember, primary school?
Young Reon: Nup.
Young Jacob: This is bullshit! Jess, remember in primary school? Me and Reon were awesome together!
Young Jess: Um? He actually only spent one lunch time with us. Other than that he was streaking across the oval.
Young Jacob: How come I don?t remember this?
Young Jess: Because you went to a psychiatrist.
Young Ayrton: Okay? Brittany, you seem to be awfully quiet? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Young Brittany: As a famous singer.
Young Ayrton: Awesome!
Young Reon: Oh! Can I be a dancer on your concerts?
Young Brittany (laughing): It might not happen.
Young Reon goes all serious.
Young Reon: I WILL be a dancer on your concerts.
Young Brittany nods her head.
Young Brittany: What did you have in mind?
Young Reon: A strip tease.
Young Brittany smacks Reon over the head.
Opening credits roll on.
Scene 2: Int. Nightclub.
The nightclub is packed. There is a huge banner with the words ?Happy Birthday Deanna? written on them. The gang is now older. Deanna, Ayrton and Jodie are there. Deanna is showing off her awesome dancing skills. People are booing at her. She pulls out a shotgun and starts firing it. People start clapping and whistling. She smiles and bows. The music turns off, and Ayrton walks on stage with a microphone.
Ayrton: Um? Excuse me ladies and gentlemen? Oh, and transvestites.
Frank?N?Furter stands up.
Frank?N?Furter: I?m just a sweet Trans?
Ayrton (interrupting): Um, it?s okay Frank?N?Furter?Maybe another time.
Frank?N?Furter looks shocked and sits down.
Ayrton: Um? Well (clears throat) You?re probably wondering why the music stopped?
Ayrton smiles, but everyone just gives him the death stare.
Ayrton: Um?Alright then. Well okay. Um? Is Jodie here at all?
The spotlight shines on Jodie. She is drunk and talking to people.
Jodie: So I said to Ayrton? Go fuck yourself!
Everyone and Jodie laugh at the table. She then realizes the spotlight is on her.
Jodie: Ello Ayrton! I want a big kiss?
Jodie spews on the ground.
Jodie: ...Now!
Ayrton: Um? Jodie, would you mind coming up on stage for us?
Jodie gets off her seat, and falls on the floor. She then starts playing in the spew.
Jodie: Who knew spew could be sooo much?
She spews in her lap.
Jodie: ?Fun!
Ayrton turns in disgust.
Ayrton (under his breath): She said no I never want to drink, and that?s final. But no, I had to tell her that she needs to at least try a bit.
Jodie finally gets up on stage. Ayrton gets on one knee and pulls out a ring.
Ayrton: Jodie, will you?
Jodie spews on Ayrton. The ring gets lost in the spew. Jodie laughs, thinking it?s funny. Ayrton searches around the spew for his ring.
Ayrton: Dammit! I?ve lost the ring!
Ayrton then finally pulls out the ring.
Ayrton: Now Jodie! Will you marry me?
Jodie: Depends. Can we get unicorns and ride them around the paddock?
Ayrton: Yes?
Jodie: You?re not a fuckin vampire like that cunthole Edward Cullen, are you?
Ayrton: No?
Jodie: And does this cost me money?
Ayrton: No?
Jodie: Okay then I likes this. When do we begin?
The crowd claps and cheers for Ayrton and Jodie. The banner that said ?Happy Birthday Deanna? drops and a new banner that saids ?Congratulations Ayrton+Jodie? comes up. People come up and start shaking Ayrton?s hand.
Deanna: Hey guys! Aren?t we still celebrating my birthday or what?
People are just ignoring her.
Deanna: Guys! I didn?t pay you actors to just turn on me like that! I paid you to celebrate my birthday!
The actors start walking out of the nightclub. Jodie and Ayrton come over.
Ayrton: This is the happiest day of my life!
Deanna: You know what you just did!?
Ayrton: I married Jodie?
Deanna: You wrecked my birthday party!
Deanna runs off crying, and ends up slipping on Jodie?s spew.

Scene 3: Int. Jess and Jacob?s Hotel Room
Jess and Jacob wake up in bed together. They hug.
Jess: Last night was? wonderful!
Jacob: Heh. You wait till next time.
Kahlia then comes out from under the sheets. She has a white line trailing down her head.
Kahlia: What the fuck was going on last night? I was trying to get some sleep! But NO! You had to bloody?
Kahlia then notices the white line trailing down her head.
Kahlia: Oh my fuckin god!
Travis then smashes the door open and walks in.
Travis: Holy shit! Didya do it Jacob?
Jacob: Yes Travis but?
Travis: And your first time was a threesome! Holy shit! You?re my idol man!
Reon then walks in

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Also incomplete, I created this after watching 'Four Weddings And A Funeral'.

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