The Apocolypse

The Apocolypse

(30-60m)   by travis

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The apocalypse
Scene 1 Travis and Reon sitting at home playing Xbox
(Enter Jacob)
Jacob: guys, I think that the apocalypse may have come!
Travis: why do you think that?
Jacob: things were exploding and lots of blood and fire and everyone?s gone
Reon: oh my god ?. Constipation must be the apocalypse too.
Travis and Jacob look disgusted at Reon
Travis: that?s it Reon go to your naughty cupboard!
Reon: hey I?m just leading the new world, Reonia
Travis: who made you president?
Jacob: I don?t think you guys see the point
Travis: he?s right? a new symbol is more important!!
Reon: your right lets sleep on it and reconvene tomorrow
Jacob: the worlds ending TODAY!!
Travis: god your impatient Jacob, how do you know the worlds ending?
Jacob: look around there?s lava pits
Travis: easy to explain, Reon got to the barbeque again
Reon: no, this isn?t my work? by the way don?t go looking for your dog
Travis: ? I don?t own a dog?
Reon: uh-oh that?s going to be a rough conversation with someone then ?. Hey Jacob want a dog? please realise its slightly used.
Jacob: of all the people to be stuck with it had to be them.
(Enter Angel)
Angel: I am here to take you to heaven.
Reon: I?m sorry to say I don?t swing that way? but thanks for the offer.
Angel: no I?m here to take you to nirvana
Travis: take us to nirvana? Are you trying to sell drugs, cause if you are just say it
Jacob: guys I think he?s really an angel
Reon: nah he?s just got a bird on his back
Reon and Travis knock angel over and start to rip of his wings
Travis: there not coming off maybe it?s a parasite bird make the host body unpleasant and it will leave.
They pause for a second and then start kicking the angel.
Jacob: were so going to hell.
Travis: wait I have an idea!
Shows the guys by a grave in silence
Travis: ?? ok I?ll say it, hammer beats angel who knew
End scene

Scene 2 Jodie and Ayton in heavens prison
Jodie: you had to do it didn?t you
Ayton: how was I supposed to know that the tree was gods? property?
Jodie: it said ?tree of Eden, gods property don?t touch?
Ayton: that could?ve meant a number of things!
Jodie: how are we supposed to get out of here?
Ayton: it?s cool I?ll use my powers to get us out
Jodie: premature ejaculation isn?t a power it?s pretty common actually
Ayton: if it?s so common why haven?t others broken out of heavens prison?
Jodie: oh God!
Angel2: hi I?m Fred; I?ll be your angel today, now you guys are first time offenders so I?m going to let you out
Ayton pees on Fred?s feet
Ayton: you?ll never take me alive!!!
Jodie: ?. He hasn?t let us out yet!
Ayton: quiet Jodie you?re ruining the tension
Changes scene to jess and Kahlia talking
Jess: I?ve looked everywhere Jacobs not here; we have to go back to earth
Kahlia: now, now let?s not be hasty I mean how well do you know Jacob?
Jess: ? he?s my boyfriend
Kahlia: exactly for all you know he could be a stalker
Jess: we?ve been friends for ages he knows everything about me
Kahlia: ah well it looks like you?ve got a stalker.
Jess: i would like to know where you logic comes from
Kahlia: Your mum last night in bed!!
Jess: Kahlia, you?ve met my mum your mum and mine are close
Kahlia: you think it?s not going to be awkward in the morning but it is.
Jess: ok? I just wish I knew what Jacob was doing right now
Goes to Jacob Reon and Travis walking along the street drunk singing I touch myself.
End scene

Scene 3 Reon, Travis and Jacob all sitting in an abandoned house
Jacob: ok so from what we know now the angel was saying how everyone went to heaven ? right before he died that is
Travis: my bad.
Reon: and then the second angel was saying how there?s ways into heaven from earth ? just before he died
Reon and Jacob both death stare Travis
Travis: oh so now it?s my fault, give a guy a shovel and don?t expect me to kill someone? Who?s being ridiculous now!
The boys then see an extension cable randomly placed
Jacob: now that?s not safe, someone could trip over that or something
Jacob unplugs cord and is shocked half to death
Jacob (dying): save me
Travis: no way around it now.
Travis shoots Jacob in the foot
Reon: god damn it Travis you suck at killing people
Reon takes the gun shoots Jacob in the arm
Jacob: just give me the gun and I?ll kill myself!
Travis: no I can?t stop now I?m already half way done
Shoots Jacob in chest, Jacob dies Reon and Travis high five thinking they did something awesome
Reon: ??. Hmmm you think the urge to kill will stop but it never does
Turns around Travis aiming him up
Reon: god damn it Travis that?s not safe I tell you
Travis: fine I?ll put the safety on
Shoots Reon
Travis: hmm what do you know must?ve already been on?
Reon: damn it Trabby put the gun down
Travis puts the gun down it fires and hits Reon
Reon: there?s only one man that can stop this
Goes to Jacob in a room listening to kids music
Jacob: ?? this is truly hell!
End scene

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This script is an incomplete progect. I would like to see what you guys think and if i should continue with this pet progect? So leave a comment and tell me what you guys think, any criticism/help is aprriciated thanks. - travis

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30-60m Short Comedy Movies - The Apocolypse