Media Destroyers: Episode 1: Survivor

Media Destroyers: Episode 1: Survivor

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Media Destroyers.

Episode 1: Survivor.

Opening Credits.

Show starts off with Reon, Michael, Travis and other people that will join the show soon. Then you have on of the guys that will join soon as the host.

Host: Welcome to another episode of SURVIVOR. We shall begin the show? Now!

The credits for SURVIVOR come on, showing each of the characters doing something stupid. Show continues. The characters start talking about themselves and how they feel on the island.

Reon: How do I feel on the island? Well, I feel very numb from our last challenge where we had to build that 22-storey hotel for us. Mine was the best.

A picture of a cardboard box is shown. Then we go back to Reon.

Reon: Hey! Don?t show them that picture! Oh! That?s right! I?m gonna kill you!

Then we see Michael next.

Michael: I have enjoyed my time here, as I may never get this experience again.

Hear huge farting noises. Some people fall dead in front of the camera.

Michael: Ooops!

We then speak to Travis.

Host: Travis, you feel like you are letting the team down. In what way?

Travis: Well, they never do my special skill.

Host: And what?s that?

Travis: I?m really good at duck duck goose! But there are no challenges related to that!

The scene changes to the beach, where everyone is.

Host: Welcome to your next challenge! Now, we have had a chat with Travis, and we thought it would be best if we did duck duck goose. But! We have made some differences with Travis. Reon?s team is the ones that are going to be chased. So run ducks!

Reon?s team runs into the forest. Reon tries to be sneaky and hides behind a tree. The host continues.

Host: Now Travis?s team will get these AK-47?s. Now kill the ducks!

Reon sees Travis?s team running at them with guns. Travis pulls out a bazooka.

Reon: Holy shit!

Reon runs into the woods.

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This is probably the most incomplete script ever done by me. It was also a pretty good idea, with sketches about reality tv and all those other tv shows and taking the piss out of them.

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