Lazy Husband 13+

Lazy Husband 13+

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MR CLUTTER-BUCKS and his wife MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS are in their living room. MR CLUTTER-BUCKS is sitting on his sofa, with his feet laying at a front table, while MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS is mopping  the floor. There is also pair of MR CLUTTER-BUCKS socks laying casually on the floor

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS  (watching the tv while dying with laughter)  HAHAHAHAHA….gosh this is hilarious!

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS  (looking at her husband, while she slowly shakes her head in a disappointment talking to herself)  Lazy man. 

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS continues to mop the floor until she sees those pair of socks on the floor

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS   Harold, I need to talk to you.

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS continues to watch TV not hearing his wife.


He still doesn’t hear her. 


MR CLUTTER-BUCKS         One sec..

She walks towards him, grabs the remote and turns off the TV.

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS       I was watching that!  

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS      Not anymore! I need to talk to you. Get your lazy ass off this!

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS         Arrgh…fine…What do you want?

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS  points her finger to the socks on the floor   What’s this?

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS         The floor?

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS       And what is LIYING on the floor?

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS         My socks?


MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS     Exactly! how many times do I have to tell you?! Pick up your            damn shit off the floor! They belong in the drawer, not on the floor!

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS      Calm down woman! I will pick it up, okay?Jeeeez…….

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS picks up his socks

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS       There! I picked it up, I don’t understand why you make a big    deal out of it?

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS      This makes a house look like a  mess

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS exits the stage in the kitchen while she continues talking about her husband’s laziness, and how he never helps her around the house. In the meantime, MR CLUTTER-BUCKS silently mocks his wife.

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS calling out from the Kitchen And Mop the floor once you’re done putting your socks away.  

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS in his whinny voice  Arrrgh…’re so bossy. First you ruin my     TV show and second you treat me like slave?. You cruel woman…

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS exits the stage while stomping towards up stage right to the bedroom.


MR CLUTTER-BUCKS is in the bedroom. He shoves his socks in the drawer and sighs

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS   Helena is such a pain in the ass. She is always like….(mimics his wife) ‘Oh Harold, you’re so lazy’ (sits on the  chair and points towards the floor), ‘Harold, pick that off the floor’ (gets off the couch) ‘Oh Harold you never help me around the house’ 

In the meantime MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS walks to the bedroom behind her husband while he keeps mocking her without knowing that his wife is behind him. 

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS   ‘Harold do this, Harold that, Harold bla bla bla bla bla..’ Honestly, when will this woman ever stop nagging me? 

MR CLUTTER-BUCKS turns around with a shock 

 MR CLUTTER-BUCKS (jumpscared). AHHH! Helena, it’s you? 

MRS CLUTTER-BUCKS     Talking shit about me, I see. 

MR CLUTTER BUCKS   Oh no no no no. My darling, I was just talking about how bos—

MRS CLUTTER BUCKS raises her eyebrows

MR CLUTTER BUCKS    How Boss..Boss…Bossy… uh.. BEAUTIFUL. Yeah…How beautiful  you are. 

MRS CLUTTER BUCKS     You know what? Ive had enough! So I called mum, she’ll be  here any second    

MR CLUTTER BUCKS      HA! She isn’t gonna do anything. She loves me. I’m her favourite son-in-law after all. 

MRS CLUTTER BUCKS       My dear…I called YOUR mother

MR CLUTTER BUCKS scared    WHAT? WHYY?? You’re such a snitch.

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This does have a little bit of swear words, like s word or A word.

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