White Line Song

White Line Song

(3m)   by gritt brewer

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we pondered hard when we were asked, about the source of the Nile
but we never asked the same of the white line, that meanders many a mile
does it start over yonder hill, or around the next bend
its taken for granted, this life saving godsend
it took a man of genius, with a mind sharp and keen
to ensure everlasting safety, for man and machine
without it they'd be mayhem every night
how the hell would we know, which side was left or right
so salute forever, and give thanks with all your might
to a unsung hero, by the name of Linus White

saw a scandal unchecked, said a white line would be cool
dam and blast those cats eyes, how barbaric and how cruel
smug Percy Shaw saying, I'm above the law, as he gouged his way to riches
as legions of cats, as blind as bats lay dying in ditches
so thank you Linus for the lines
that stopped the decline of felines

Linus was taken as the young often are
as he cut the ribbon on a new line, he was flattened by a car
surrounded by fans, who willed him not to die
his rugged tire marked face, had a sense of joy
this is only the beginning, he was heard to cry
next for the white line, are the oceans and the sky

so lament for the Samaritan of our roads
whose legacy sees you safely to your abodes
without it us mortal men and women
in pools of our blood we'd be swimming
so salute forever, give thanks with all your might
to a unsung hero, by the name of Linus  White

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this is a educational song

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