waiting for the bus

waiting for the bus

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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one day waiting for a bus, it never came

i hope it curls up and dies of shame

one day waiting with the exact fare

the coins lost their shine, yet the bus is still not there


one week waiting for the bus to arrive

not sure if the bus is still alive

one week down the drain, but i was still hoping

my wife was'nt worried, and my job was kept open


one month waiting for a bus, that would'nt come

my hair is all matted, my feet all numb

one month waiting for the moment of truth

had got to thinking, they might have changed the route


one year waiting for the bus to turn up

hoping the driver would get a dose of giddy up

old woman next to me, had long ceased to moan

her faithful bag for life, lay crumpled near her bones


two years waiting for a bus to materialize

the town expanding before my very eyes

a security man came up to me, said hey pal

you can't wait here anymore, we're building a shopping mall


three years waiting for a bus to appear

at this stage its been a age, i thought it surely must be near

my wife came along, and called me a gurrier

funny she had a baby, i did'nt send any sperm by courier



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have waited long times for buses. this is slight exaggeration

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1.5m Funny Stories - waiting for the bus