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Have you ever called someone on the phone? What am I saying, of course you have! You know when they don't pick up? The phone goes: YOU HAVE REACHED THE VOICE MAILBOX OF ___________ LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE AFTER THE TONE. Sometimes I wish I could be that machine. Like, (make a weird face) Hey! Let's hangout! (go back to your normal face and turn the other way.) PLEASE LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE AFTER THE TONE SO I CAN NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN.

Speaking of phones, we're  WAY too addicted to them! Hold up, (Take out your phone and pretend to read a text) I just got a text! (Look at your phone for a while) Ok, anyway, we're WAY too addicted! (glance at phone)Like, (Look at the phone again) Oh my twitter feed is just, BLOWING UP! Like, yeah! (Scroll down on your phone continuously)phone, addiction, gambling, poker, (look up as if you just realized they were there) what're we talking about again? Oh yeah! Phones.

You know,(put you phone back in your pocket, purse, etc.) I know someones friend broke her leg and posted the twisted, bent, disgusted picture of it on Instagram! The next week she went up to her and said, (turn to face a side) Dude! Why did you post that picture, BEFORE you got a cast!

(Turn to face the other side) Because I wanted views and subscribers! (knock on head) DUH! (Turn the other way again) ... That's YouTube... (Face the audience) And she even showed her a YouTube screen! And she mumbled, and they say I'M always on my phone...So she told her, Yes! You ARE always on your phone. And so she looked at her and said, am I, NOW??! So my friend told her back, maybe not, but 2 seconds ago you were typing this ENTIRE conversation out on text!!!! 

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