Bread Confusion

Bread Confusion

(Unknown)   by gritt brewer

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two guys in a work canteen
bill: looks like a cool sandwich what's in it

bob:chorizo feta cheese jalapeno pepper red onion tomato pickle and mayonnaise all squeezed into a Viennese roll

bill: that's not a Viennese roll that's a midget French baguette

bob: its a Viennese roll its got poppy seeds

bill: its a baguette with a few blackheads. you can hardly see them

bob: its not round enough or tall enough to be a baguette and there's no midget baguettes you have to betall and round to be one

bill: it definitely cant say its from Vienna ,maybe someplace on the way to Vienna possibly over the French border. put it like this if a baguette got it on with a Viennese roll this could well be their offspring , but its not pure Viennese or pure French

bob: okay I agreeits not pure bred its a Viennese baguette which explains the scarcity of poppy seeds , is that alright with you

bill: you could be right if they overcame the language difficulties this could be a French Austrian love child

bob: think I will stick to the sliced pan in future

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this was a real conversation

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