Being Caught With Your Pants Around Your Ankles, Literally

Being Caught With Your Pants Around Your Ankles, Literally

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Teacher, James and Billy are in a science classroom being taught Geography.

Teacher: James and Billy could you be so helpful and collect the geography books from upstairs.

Billy: Really! Ah nice one sir.

Thankful to be missing lesson James and Billy head upstairs.

James: Bill, what room did he say?

Billy: Ah I cant remember, I was to busy being buzzed about getting out of there for 5.

James: I know same, knock on this one first, you speaking or what?

Billy: Nah you first.

(James knocks on the door)

Teacher2: Come in!

James: Er yeah I’m looking for some geography books.

Teacher2: Hold on lad! What’s the password?

(Class giggles)

James: the password?

Teacher2: yes that’s what I said.

James: Erm.... Geography?

Class bursts out laughing, James embarrassed shuts the door.

Billy: what was that!

James: oh god I panicked, what kind of question is that!

Billy: you think anyone saw me?

James: Oh god I hope so then the embarrassment is split 50/50 then

Billy: I don’t really think that’s how it works, why on earth did you say geography?

James: Oh sorry it was better than my alternative

Billy: Why what was that?

James: password.

Billy: password?

James: yeah! It’s a well known fact that the majority of passwords know what I don’t want to talk about it, you just try that one. (pointing at  another geography door) 

Billy: alright alright.

(Billy knocks and opens the door) 

Teacher3: Come in! Oh hi Billy, you alright, you come for the geography books?

Billy: Yeah thanks sir.

(Billy collects the books, along with James, Teacher 3 shuts the door behind them) 

James: You know you get so luck... 

Billy: Bloody Hell these are heavy!

We are going to have to stop, I need to sort out my arm positioning!

Billy: I can physically feel my arms stretching!

James: Can you please stop crying, they aren’t even that heavy. 

Billy: I will not allow myself to wake up like Mr Tickle tomorrow, for some geography books.

James: Oh come on, right we only need to make it down these stairs and we are basically done then.

Billy and James make it approximately half way down the stairs 

Billy: James are my pants dropping a bit, they feel really feel like they are dropping 

James: Not going to lie, I can really feel mine as well!

Billy: we can’t put the books down they will slide all down the stairs! 

James: Lean them against the wall on the banister, and with the other arm pull your pants up! 

Billy: I can’t the books are too heavy one arm alone cannot hold them! 

James: Oh no, what is that?

Behind them around the corner coming down the corridor was a year 8 food tech class 

Billy: People I can hear people coming! 

Billy with his pants lowering further and further down makes a dash for the bottom of the stairs

Billy: I’m going for it! 

James: I won’t make it! 

James leaning against the wall tightly holding his pants with one arm and the other the books was revealed to the year 8 food tech class, whilst Billy now with his pants around his ankles at the bottom of the stairs holding the geography books suffered one of his most embarrassing moments so far in his life. 

(Year 8 food tech class laughter) 

James: They gone?

Billy: yeah.

James: you can pull your pants up now.

Billy: what’s the point? I mean seriously what is the point?

James: yeah to be fair you have been literally caught with your pants down. 

Billy: Oh shut up!

James: I’m just saying!


James and Billy return to class with the geography books.

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