Gambino Crime Kit

Gambino Crime Kit

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Gambino Crime Kit™   


You’ve just begun your bright future in high-stakes crime and all you need are some tools to get you on your way. That is why  Gambino’s is now offering a kit to provide for all your criminal needs. Just for four payments of $79.99 you will have access to some of the newest technology on the market including our exclusive silent lock pick and alarm demagnetizer along with a few of the classics. Those of which include extra strength duct tape, rope and a 16 ounce bottle of bleach. The entire kit includes; The lock-pick , alarm demagnetizer, duct tape, rope, bleach, a rag, rubber gloves, a ski mask, costume make-up, matches, eight ounce bottle of gasoline, four ricin capsules, chloroform and a throw away phone.

What makes this even better is that the kit comes in a stainless steel briefcase with a coded lock. The case comes in silver, matte black and camo for the outdoorsy type. If you order today we’ll also throw in the first two seasons of “I Almost Got Away With It,” just for some tips. Don’t pass up an opportunity like this because it sure is a steal! Thanks for your purchase of a Gambino Crime Kit™ today. Happy and safe sleuthing everyone!


Disclaimer: Gambino’s is not responsible for any injuries, arrests, or possible deaths that may occur from the use of this product. If you have any questions on illegal matter, it would be best to find yourself a decent lawyer before using this product.

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It's been a while but this is just a comedic piece that is meant to be exaggerated while making light fun of criminals or in this case the Italian mafia

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