The other day I was doing some research, nothin’ crazy, just trying to figure out what ho

Mrs. Davis:   Okay class……..please open up your books and turn to page 123….


By Colton Toews

(FLORIST stands behind a checkout counter. FEMALE CUSTOMER approaches them.)

Have you ever called someone on the phone? What am I saying, of course you have!

You know how we all read stories about how we are gonna colonize mars and stuff in the near futur

An old school friend of mine lives in Bruges, in Belgium, and through him I got to know a good ci

Comedy is hard these days. Making people laugh has evolved over the ages.

The army of an evil dictator (pick your favorite one) is well armed, the morale is relatively hig

in 1803 we sailed out to sea, out from the sweet town of Derry