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The Birthday Girl  (2m ) 90,172 views  ~by  davina
The Awkward Survival Guide: Moment #115: Awkward Relationship  (2m ) 39,089 views  ~by  AnonWriter
Lady Gaga Is Tying The Knot (No, It's Not A Bondage Thing)  (Unknown ) 28,223 views  ~by  arik1232
Old Heckler Joke Re-visited  (1m ) 24,022 views  ~by  k.r.johnson
Mistake Yields 'The Sweet 17,' Basketball-Tournament Spokesperson Admits  (1.5m ) 18,901 views  ~by  James Alex Gerard
Arnold-chicken Legs-enegger  (1m ) 26,276 views  ~by  GymKracks
Your Sorority into the minds of the Bodybuilders...  (1m ) 24,857 views  ~by  GymKracks
Mirror mirror on the wall who?s the stupidest of them all?  (2m ) 71,040 views  ~by  GymKracks
BROWN RELATED TO HITLER  (Unknown ) 17,655 views  ~by  robotsausage
Off To Hawaii  (Unknown ) 25,269 views  ~by  Bethany Sophia
THE SMART GUY/STUPID ASS  (Unknown ) 29,331 views  ~by  BIGPAPI
Funny Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony Ideas  (Unknown ) 31,634 views  ~by  icomedytv
The Craigslist Ad Posted By The Enterprising Young Woman  (Unknown ) 41,942 views  ~by  icomedytv