Forget About It

Forget About It

(6m)   by joines

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Bob:  Hello?  Can I help you?

Sue:  I’m  looking for a size 7 in…uh….black pumps…..not too high of a heel…….maybe a flat…..or……..

Bob:  Leather?

Sue:  Leather?

Bob:  Are you looking for a leather heel…..or maybe something in faux?

Sue:  Oh…uh….whatever you have…I really like the Gucci.

Bob:  Oh…then that will certainly be the leather…….hold on one second while I go back and check to see if we have that size…….okay?

Sue:  What?

Bob:  The size.……………..You said size 7 right?

[Bob just stands there for a moment….]

Bob:  Are you okay?

Sue:  Oh…yeah…sure…..

Bob:    You seem a little….I don’t know…..I don’t really know how to put it…I’m not trying to offend you or anything……but you just seem a little preoccupied with something.  Am I wrong?

[Sue looks around quickly…..she seems nervous…]

Bob:   Are you okay?  Is………someone out there?

[Sue steps back…….she pulls a rather large nine millimeter from her purse…..]

Bob:   Oh my god!

Sue:   Alright!  Shut up!  Get down on the floor!

Bob:  What?!

Sue:  You heard me!  On the floor!

Bob:    Is this serious?  What…………?

Sue:  Do it!! Just do it!

[Sue seems to be motioning with her hands to something outside…. two men enter….guns drawn…]

Frank:  Shut up!  Shut up! 

Salvatore:  Don’t say a word!  Don’t say a word or you die!

Bob:  I’m cool…I’m cool…..just take the money…..just take it!

Frank:  Shut up!  I said shut up!

Salvatore:  Where’s the safe?

Bob:   We…we don’t have one.

Sue:  220 SECONDS!

Salvatore:  I thought you staked this place out?

Sue:  I did!  I didn’t see any safe!

Salvatore:  Where’s the safe sonny!  Where is it!  I’m about to blow your brains out! 

Frank:  Where’s the safe!  Where is it!

[Frank presses gun to Bob’s head.]

Bob:  We…we….don’t have a safe……..all the money is kept in a drawer in the office…in the back…I swear to you…I swear….don’t kill me…please…..I have children…..

Frank:  Shut up!  I said shut up!

Sue:  200 SECONDS!

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This is 1/4 of the short skit/play




MK Gupta
I like this script...can you please provide me It's full length

I'd be more than happy to. Right now, it's the weekend and I'm at home. The script is at school. I will send it to you Monday. It's one of my "Class B" scripts written rather hastily. I'm glad you liked the first gets better.

MK Gupta
Thnaks joines... And sent its full length to Yours thankfully M.K.GUPTA

I have enjoyed the start of "Forget About It" and am interested in receiving the full script. I appears that it might be useful for our senior readers theater group. Thank you. CGS 05/14/17

Can I use this script sir?

You may! I can share with you full script with google docs if you give me your email.

Marla Kelly
May I please have the full script my email is


Yash Mathne
Can you send me the Script @ Thank you!

Sidney D'Souza
Sir may I use this script? I really liked it! My email id is

I would love to get the full script. Im a new short film and want to make this and YouTube it Thanks

Can i read the rest of you script please if so my email is

Hello. I'm using this in my 8th grade class for drama. The kids are writing their own endings to this story and are dying to see how you made this funny. That is the biggest challenge for them. I would love the rest of this story to have my kids read. Could you possibly send me the rest? Thanks Patrick

gangi swag
May I please have the full script my email is

Muhammad Faraz ...
It's Faraz here, English language and literature teacher. Please email me the full length script

6m Comedy Skits - Forget About It