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Gay Bartender and New Customer
(2-2.5m)   by  Les Bruce
English    (24487 Views)
Modern Monologues|Other

ACTORS: Bartender – Bruiser
Customer – Garry

Hey buddy what will it be?

I’ll have a double scotch…on the rocks please.

Here you go buddy.

Thanks! (downs it) Another please! (grinning ear to ear)

You look like the cat that just ate the canary.

Well, more like…I look like the canary that just got devoured. (shy grin)

Huh? (leans in close) What do you mean?

Oh man. I think I just met the man of my dreams!

(pours another drink and he's hear this story all before) Oh yeah?

I was just over at Holes Bookstore. I couldn’t help but notice this really hot guy flipping through the porn magazines while I was looking through the cards for my friend’s birthday. Oh man he was soooooooooo hot! After doing a bit of eye contact, he smiled at me, I smiled back, and he finally came over and said “hello”. We chatted briefly, and I told him that I was single and he smiled and we eventually went back to his place. He was soooo passionate; we kissed and rolled around in bed for an hour. I was a bit sad when he told me he had to go to work. I gave him my number and he promised to call me. I’m soooo excited!

(kinda smiling at the naivety but being kind) Well good for you! I have a partner and I’d be lucky if he would even glance at my naked ankle. Anyhoo, hey buddy my shift is ending. Your total is $5.00.

No worries. Thanks!

(sigh) My partner is finally here. Gosh I hate when he’s late for work. Hi honey, hurry up I have a meeting to go to. (waves to his partner in the bar)

(casually looking back and then a look of shock in his face and tries to hide his nervousness as he recognizes who the bartender is) Oh hey, yeah…ahhh…look at the time. Wow. Where does time go? Really? Well, I have to get running I have a…ummm…oops I’m late now. Oh darn. Well thanks for the drinks! (leaves discretely)

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Author's Message

"Just a little skit I quickly wrote up as a screen test for a new series I'm developing. "
~ Les Bruce

Copyright Statement

None. Feel free to use it in any way that you like,
Les Bruce

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Why is this under comedy?

Posted by: mirp   on 6/14/2010 at 3:00 PM

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